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Capgemini is a French multinational management consulting corporation. It is one of the world's largest consulting, technology and outsourcing companies with 180,000 employees in over 40 countries. Capgemini's regional operations are North and South America, Northern Europe & Asia Pacific and Central & Southern Europe. Services are delivered through four disciplines; Consulting, Technology, Outsourcing and Local Professional Services.

Founder : Serge Kampf

CEO : Paul Hermelin

CEO India : Aruna Jayanthi

Founded : 1967

Headquarters : Paris, France

Puspita 1 day ago
Did u get capgemini hall tickt??
Ravuri Ratnasri 15 hours ago
me too plz ratnasriravuri96@gmail.com
kavi harsha 1 day ago
still not...sir....

Has anyone from hyderabad got capgemini joining date on 23 rd jan in mumbai??

1 Comment
vennela 1 day ago
please share your written and interview experience
Vaishali Rathore 4 days ago
2017-2018 pass-out

Did anyone got any date for the written test of capgemini 2019 notification

  1. A Yes 10%
  2. B No 90%
1 Thanks 68 Attempts
Nikhilesh Puvvada 7 days ago
written aptitude + logical + essay ) pseduo code round + tr+hr
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