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Hi everybody! Does anybody have elitmus papers? If yes then send on this mail: dubeynimisha19@gmail.com

Sainath Nellore 1 month ago
Please send me too sainathnellori@gmail.com
Shipra Shilpi 2 months ago
please send it to shiprashilpi25@gmail.com
Ramesh 3 months ago
hi Somya u want elitmus materials?
bhagyasri bhogadi 4 months ago
provide all paid materials once check it

Is anybody having paid material for e litmus preparation kindly send it to gagandhanuka15@gmail.com

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Sourav Paul 4 months ago

check here.All materials available

can anyone tell me about the proper exam pattern of elitmus PH value test..? please provide me proper guidance regarding elitmus..?

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Sourabh Bade 4 months ago
English section is easy
quants is moderate(8-10 questions) rest is tough
reasoning is tough
practice paragraph questions in LR

A tourist is enjoying an afternoon refreshment in a local eatery when the manager says to him Do you see those three men over there? One is Mr. X who always tells the truth. Another is Mr. Y who always lies. The third is Mr. Z who sometimes tells the truth and sometimes lies. You may ask them three Yes/No questions always indicating which man should answer. After asking these three questions, if you correctly identify Mr. X, Mr. Y and Mr. Z then your bill is on them. What Yes/No questions should the tourist ask?

Kajal Sinha 4 months ago
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