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International Business Machines (IBM) Corporation is an American multinational technology and consulting corporation. IBM manufactures and markets computer hardware, middleware and software and offers infrastructure, hosting and consulting services in areas ranging from mainframe computers to nanotechnology.

Founder : Charles Ranlett Flint

CEO : Ginni Rometty

Founded : June 16, 1911

Headquarters : New York, United States


can anyone plz help me! for cognitive ability games round which app is the best to practice?(IBM) akankshap724@gmail.com send material

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shobana 8 days ago
I too need please anyone tell

please send me the IBM online test preparation materials including programming questions email id:devika96soman@gmail.com

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Aakrati Singhal 1 day ago
hy can you send the material to me also - aakratisinghal52@gmail.com
Sai srujana vuta 18 days ago
please share ibm link
IBM Interview Experience for GTS

Hello Friends, It was 2 days process of IBM, the very first round was Gaming Round, in which 5 different logical puzzle games were there and each game has its rules by following these rules we have to solve these puzzles and earn stars, I have cleared first round and in Second Round It was physchometric test contained with decision making questions and need to tell agree ,slightly agree, Disagree, again i have cleared second round and pushed to third round. Third Round was Communication Assessment , in which they will provide us a topic and gave three minutes to talk on these topics in English, basically in third round they checked our communication skills. again i have cleared third round and reached at final round. Final Round was technical in which they asked me abt My College Project, Computer Network, Linux, Mainframe etc. and result came and Got Selected at IBM.

Overall Experience Positive
Difficulty Level Medium
Selection Status Yes, and I accepted
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Akanksha P 8 days ago
tell about gaming round pattern plz,tell some questions pattern in all rounds plz

which Company is better to join ??

  1. A IBM 63%
  2. B TCS 37%
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can anyone provide material for associate system engineer job in ibm

lokesh arava 1 month ago
send me link
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