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International Business Machines (IBM) Corporation is an American multinational technology and consulting corporation. IBM manufactures and markets computer hardware, middleware and software and offers infrastructure, hosting and consulting services in areas ranging from mainframe computers to nanotechnology.

Founder : Charles Ranlett Flint

CEO : Ginni Rometty

Founded : June 16, 1911

Headquarters : New York, United States


Anyone had faced eZest Solutions online test round if yes plz do share ur experience to me,if u r having questions of that test then plz do send it to me I m having my drive tomorrow only. analratnagaikwad@gmail.com

Ashwin Raj 12 days ago
i got Job alert mail what abt u ???
Meena 29 days ago
first round: coding on hacker rank( elimination round). 2nd round: cognitive ability games- elimination round(video in Hindi: https://youtu.be/AUXuTjCpVxU ). 3rd round: learning agility- 2 statements will be given. you have to agree or strongly agree with the statement that suits you best. 4th round: English proficiency and verbal ability- fluency, synonyms and spellings will be tested

has anyone got response after interview of IBM through TNSLPP ? venue: sai ram college, Chennai date: 14th Dec

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Kandula Madhu Lavanya 28 days ago
can u tell me what is the first round either coding test or any cognitive ability..
and plz tell me resent coding questions

Can anyone suggest how to prepare for IBM off campus drive 2019?? As the pattern is changed for this year..

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azra nishat 1 month ago
11th in Tirupati..
Somasekhar Gowdu 1 month ago
did you have IBM meterias means send pls somasekhargowdu9@gmail.com
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