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1.what are the questions should we prepare for the letter writing? 2.How can they ask the question in letter writing?

Businesses presentation specialist

I will say Its a dream company for all... If this company comes to your campus, then try hard to get placed.. because it's really a dream company.. First of all, you have to be strong in communication skills.. This is the only qualifications they need... they don't care about your backlogs(arrears) also... 1st round is fully based on verbal with grammar, error spotting, subject verb agreement.. Typing test also will be there.. no mathematical sums... second round versant writing test... Third round hr...

Overall Experience Positive
Difficulty Level Easy
Selection Status No Offer
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PA Chandraleka 1 year ago
how to apply for this job

what types of rounds are there in Mckinsey interview process? Is there anybody having any experience with that company?

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Dhivya Selvaraj 2 years ago
In Mckinsey..
first round: problem solving test, English Test, Typing
second round: versant English writing test..
third round: hr and presentation

anyone tell me how to get job in top consulting companies like:-bcg,bain,mickensey if I am belonging from chemical engineering background in nit jalandhar.

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Mitali Sankar 2 years ago
More than your branch your Aptitude for any job matters. Look at what are the requirements of this job. What skill sets are required etc. Then you will understand how to prepare.