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charitha reddy 4 days ago
I don't know link
Dreamer 6 days ago
Good :-)

hii good morning..I'm from ECE(ELECTRONICS AND COMMUNICATION ENGINEERING) 2019 passed out I want to attend interviews from july..So before that may I know on what topics or on what programming languages i need to be prefect. And also please share me tcs practice papers with solutions so that I can crack the written exam..mail id: pravallika.tummuru@gmail.com

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Gowtham S 17 days ago
Be strong with C and Java , common topics are recursion, functions, arrays, data manipulation, strings, methods, method overriding, pattern printing then basics of Fibonacci, prime numbers, odd or even are areas you must have very in-depth knowledge be strong with apps and reasoning it's common for all interview's all the best.
saipradeep 17 days ago
after june????

Does anyone know what is the syllabus for ODESSA TECHNOLOGY and if anyone have any materials of that company den please do forward it sudeshnapathak12@gmail.com it's urgent

any one knows aspiring mind test pattern for Mahindra and Mahindra motors for post of graduate apprenticeship training

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swathi dubbolla 22 days ago
yes is there any sectional cut off

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