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Jagan 1 day ago
hey mahesh after online test result are announced how many days do they take to tell you the interview details.

I cleared the TCS written test conducted on sep1.I didn't get any mail regarding interview date .Is any one got the date for this interview round

Naveen 18 hours ago
it's takes time to get the interview details

who has got result of tcs Nqt 2020 interview ? is there anyone who got result of qualifying interview ? plz reply

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Amiya Karmakar 5 days ago
yah..i got the result and i have cracked the interview

my TR and HR round in tcs(TNQT) for greater noida was 7sep can any have have idea after how many day i will get the result? and is any chance to rejection on hr round ?

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Amiya Karmakar 6 days ago
Very less chance of rejection in hr round..you will get your result by one week

i gave tcs nqt interview on 20 th Aug.But i did no get any mail regarding it.What could be the reason ? Do they send mail only if you are selected ?

Soundarya Ramakrishnan 5 days ago
After registering, u should click apply for drive.
tom jerry 6 days ago
it's out now

When will be the result of tcs ninja will out, interviewed on 23rd August 2019? Help me to get rid of this. Its been more then 15 days and none from our college had received the same.

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Amiya Karmakar 6 days ago
results are out..i have cracked the interview
Moovendhan 8 days ago
speed = 300/18 = 50/3 m/s

let Length of the platform be x m

then (x + 300)/39 = 50/3
3(x + 300) = 1950
3x + 900 = 1950
3x = 1950 - 900
x = 1050/3
x = 350

if we clear the technical round in Tcs ninja nqt....can we hope for a job in that?.... i mean, do really HR matters in rejecting the job?.. can any one please answer me

Akhlad Iqbal 9 days ago
Sir I'm apply for TCS in CBo profile but I'm not getting
Admit card I'm only registered which last date 31 August
But I'm not fill details in TCS next step please help me. My exams is coming
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