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I would just say be calm and prepared. If you are good in communication and confidence then you can surely make it. Just answer only what you know.

Overall Experience Positive
Difficulty Level Medium
Selection Status Yes, and I accepted
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Mohammed Abdul Jameel 1 month ago
bro Can u send a aptitude short cut tricks materials or any websites
Mohammed Abdul Jameel 1 month ago
bro plz snd aptitude shortcuts material if you have to my account :abduljameelmd789@gmail.com or suggest from were u have practice aptitude

hi in tcs I am came across these type of coding.can anyone help me to find the logic for below pattern 1.inpur 12*10=1water0 output =2 2.input 123+546=6water9 output =6

3 Thanks

I am 2019 passed out, what is the ug consolidated degree certificate mean? I still didn't get my degree certificate. what should I take for the tcs interview for the ug consolidated degree certificate?

Naveen 1 month ago
take all sem marks list

Guys can anyone tell me when will the tcs offcampus phase 2 for 2018/2019 interview (20th September) results be declared ?

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Mohit Gupta 1 month ago
What code snippet
Sanath parimi 1 month ago

how many of you got TCS Nqt 2020 offer letter and also accepted that those who accepted. let's start preparing for TCS xplore test ....reply plz

Sachin Kumbar 1 month ago
I accepted , what is the next step after accepting the offer letter
Shubhangi 2 months ago
Hey, Did you get the mail?

I cleared the TCS written test conducted on sep1.I didn't get any mail regarding interview date .Is any one got the date for this interview round

Naveen 2 months ago
it's takes time to get the interview details
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