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how to prepare for tcs walkins for ninja 2018 batch can any one suggest ! kindly make a video #faceprep team

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Md shaz ahmed 1 day ago
If the drive will come then please share the link.

i am not clear written test nijana test is there is any off campus drive TCS 2019passedouts

Swathi Judo 1 day ago

The set A (0) is (1,2,3,4). For n > 0, A(n+1) contains all possible sums that can be obtained by adding two different numbers from what is the number of integers in A(10). can anyone solve it and say

Hey *Great news for all of you.* We spoke with *TCS* just recently and they have announced their off campus drive for *2019* batch. All branches and streams are eligible for the drive. We are in close partnership and constant touch with TCS regarding the offcampus drive. The registration for Off Campus drive for TCS will start this week friday, we will send you the link to apply on friday itself. The expected date of exam is 15th and 16th of June. Around 3 Lakh people are expected to apply for 10,000 open position, so competition is going to be very fierce.

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Md shaz ahmed 1 day ago
Share the link please

I got placed in TCS ninja 2018 if I am not clear the xplore program will i get call letter plz let me know

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Divyah Ashokkumar 22 days ago
how to join the online class for tcs ninja by face prep . Coupon code?

anyone has selected TCS Xplorer 1....(2019 batch).... please tell semester 1 format of questions and what are the questions expected from java...

Elarum India thapa enga

TCS XPLORE1 CANDIDATES!!!!!!! those who want to get all update regarding TCS xplore1 and want to join a collaborative group . please post your contact number in comment section....

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Vashu Jain 2 months ago

Anyone doing Master of Engineering(2019 passout) and got offer from TCS and chosen explore 1

  1. A yes(plz comment ur name nd contact no) 23%
  2. B no 32%
  3. C skip 45%
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Naveen 4 months ago
me mtech
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