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AMCAT is a standardized test which helps candidates showcase their talent and enables the recruiters to quickly select candidates. This test can be used by candidates to apply for job interviews.

Can anyone send me the preparation material for AMCAT via email? I am from CSE background. Email id: srijanidutta78@gmail.com

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manoj Gowda 24 days ago
can u send me too also

anyone can have NTT model paper's and pattern pls send to me mounireddy0000@gmail.com

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RAVURI DURGA RAO 1 month ago
I attended NTT it is amcat test only
Danial Info Tech 3 months ago
me too on mdkashifsalim43@gmail.com
sonu kumar 3 months ago
pls bro send me sonukumariimt22@gmail.com

I am looking for a study material for an amcat and elitmus I would really appreciate it if you could share.. thanks! my email address is bhagyashri5225@gmail.com

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mohamed irfan 4 months ago
In first round you will be given a 7 program and you want to do debug it. In the 7 program if you pass test cases for three program then you are selected for next round. In the first round there is also quants and verbal but it is not important mainly they only see the programming skills

can anyone send me d amcat paid materials to himab2790@gmail.com

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Anjum Khan 3 months ago
send to me also anjukhan2699@gmail.com
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