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AMCAT is a standardized test which helps candidates showcase their talent and enables the recruiters to quickly select candidates. This test can be used by candidates to apply for job interviews.

I would like to request you all people nt to take amcat test. previously amcat used to have a standard but nw everytime you try to book a slot for test people frm amcat call u ask you to take some premium packs resume buddy,mock AI blah blahh and they even tell us we r giving discount etc Even after the exam they call u and ask u to take xyz packs .Dnt go fr amcat waste of u r tym nd money

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Jessie Pinkman 12 days ago
instead u can go fr elitmus
Geetha Palanisamy 13 days ago
Souparnika M 14 days ago
oh thanks

hi guys, Did anyone get mail from CTS for Chennai location !(who wrote amcat last week) please ping in comments.

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chaitanya varma 16 days ago
no i haven't received bro

hi guys, Anyone having paid materials for amcat please send via email sgowtham996@gmail.com thank you in advance!

Akhil Dosapati 8 days ago
guys anyone got amcat paid papers ?

anyone who has paid materials of AMCAT test.. please do forward it. sudeshnapathak12@gmail.com

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Gowtham S 16 days ago
send me to sgowtham996@gmail.com

I had completed my Bsc computer science this April, I am preparing to attend AMCAT test, I'm I eligible to write amcat test though I'm a bsc graduate.

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where i can get Automatafix sample paper for amcat please help me asap.

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Yasharth Gupta 24 days ago
Kavya Reddy Mamilla 11 days ago
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