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Accenture is a global management consulting, technology services and outsourcing company, with more than 246,000 people serving clients in more than 120 countries. The company built its reputation primarily as a technology consultant and systems integrator.

Founder : Clarence DeLany, Arthur E. Andersen

CEO : Pierre Nanterme

CEO India : Ms.Rekha M Menon

Founded : 1989

Headquarters : Chicago, Illinois, United States

akshansh nigam 1 day ago

I am studying 3rd year btech,ECE in srm university.pls tell how to crack the placements

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Sanju Johnson 4 days ago
go for youbtube video's. you will find something from there .

I have attended Accenture in last 3 months without elitmus and didn't get through the written test , now I shortlisted through elitmus .can I have the chance to attend through elitmus?

VISHAL SOM 17 days ago
I attended Cognizant written twice in 6 months and cleared the interview will there be any problem????

Hlo all, I got mail from accenture in which they say about my documents verification is completed and onboarding of candidates will be on 25th Feb and candidates will receive offer letter before 25th Feb. But till now I don't get any offer letter.....what should I do as I don't have any contact in Accenture.. and should I go for other opportunities or should I wait for few days....pllzzz help me. Thanks

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radha krishnan 24 days ago
wait u will get

is there anyone from accenture plzz help me....I got a mail from accenture to upload my documents..but by mistake my branch name is entered wrong and this is not matching to my branch name in marksheets which I have uploaded.....and now i can't able to change branch name.....plzz help me.. they give me just 24 hrs to make corrections...🙏

saipradeep 1 month ago
brooo send me link brooo
saipradeep 1 month ago
do you have link ????

send me java notes vamsikrishnamalla96@gmail.com

  1. A yes, i sent 67%
  2. B no, sorry 33%
  3. C if i get post in below comment i will send if i goy 0%
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