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Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) is a software services consulting company headquartered in Mumbai, India established in the year 1968. TCS is the largest provider of information and business process outsourcing services in Asia. TCS has offices in 42 countries with more than 142 branches across the globe. TCS is a flagship subsidiary of one of India's largest and oldest conglomerate company, the Tata Group, which has interests in areas such as energy, telecommunications, financial services, manufacturing, chemicals, engineering, materials, government and healthcare.

Founder : J. R. D. Tata, F. C. Kohli

CEO : Rajesh Gopinathan

Founded : 1968

Headquarters : Mumbai, India


hi guys.. tcs is given second chance who cracked tcs ninja 2018 for interview.. so plz.. say any whatsapp or telegram group is there to discuss the interview questions.. plz say...

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Nikhilesh Puvvada 14 hours ago
ok bro
shaik sajeeth 1 day ago
For tcs digital where to prepare?
Swathi C 23 hours ago
Currently there is no TCS off campus drive
Naveen 14 hours ago
what about not qualified people 2019ninja test

Today I received mail from TCS for direct interview survey

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kumar 15 hours ago
guys.. provide any whatsapp or telegram group to discuss interview ques
Sara 23 hours ago
hi guys....anyone know abt the TCS ninja qualifier xam in 2019..??
Uma Shankar Das 1 day ago
can anyone send me Mahindra & Mahindra study material....das.umashankar123@gmail.com
Naveen 1 day ago
next step is not working 😑

anyone send TCS previous papers to gundaganesh56@gmail.com thanks in advance

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Shilpi Shipra 5 days ago
also to shilpishipra46@gmail. com
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