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Wipro Technologies Limited is a giant information technology services corporation. According to the 2008–09 revenue, Wipro is one of the largest IT services company in India and employs more than 170,000 people worldwide as March 2016. It has interests varying from information technology, consumer care, lighting, engineering and healthcare businesses.

Founder : M.H. Hasham Premji

CEO : Abidali Neemuchwala

Founded : December 29, 1945

Headquarters : Bengaluru, India

Akash Rai 9 days ago
it is BARYE

plz send the all aptitude test question with answer(topic wise) ,it should be sufficient to answer the all aptitude test email id=premkumar2199@gmail.com

Yaragani 11 days ago
can you plz send the all apttitude test questions...
email id:yaraganisandhya@gmail.com


annamacharya Institute

Wipro . On Campus

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RINICHANDRA.J 16 days ago
4th Jan or June

can any one provide information for Automobile or mechanical company off campus placement drive ??

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mathan kumar 21 days ago
Bro pls send the CTS questions to mathankdurai@gmail.com Thank you
Aditi Sharma 2 days ago
Geetha Palanisamy 1 month ago

frnds .is there any offcampus drives for 2019passed outs..in Bangalore or any other ..ping me..

Is there any discount code for Prograd Java full stack developer program that begins on May 20? @Geetha mam @Pandhal bro

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Geetha Palanisamy 1 month ago
Rs. 5000 Discount
5KJAVA - coupon code
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