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Speed Maths

Anyone got hall ticket about tcs smart hiring test on 30 test mention your time slots & area

Rama Chandra Prasad 1 month ago
I got it bro...
Sai srujana vuta 2 months ago
please share ibm link

I am not at all clearing the aptitude rounds of the placements? Can anybody help me and give me suggestions on how to prepare even better provided I can spend 3 hours everyday to practice

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shobana 2 months ago
please forward mee too bro
I too facing lot of issues

can anyone please suggest the best way/pattern for aptitude preparations for campus placements

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Amit Kadpurkar 3 months ago
r s agrawal book just go through it and solve daily 5 problems on different different chapters

Can Anyone experiance the darwin box on campus drive???

Roshni Syed 2 months ago
Yeah it's having Apptitude,Logical and Verbal questions in 100's....And it provides 2 coding questions also...It's very tough to crack
Prasanth Yadav 3 months ago
How to register to tcs digital
pratheek 3 months ago
dont join in that group guys.. he is looting your personal data by sending a google forms in that channel. beaware guys.. dont fall in trap.. and even how the so called materials what he sharing is also available in net

Guys can anyone please send Accenture aptitude placement papers........ tkarishma522@gmail.com

Revathy 3 months ago
plz send me also revathythangavel1997@gmail.com
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