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Viral 12 days ago
Providing you the best Technical MCQ of C, C++, Java, DSA, Javascript, Python with answers and their explanations.

Hello I am in final year of bsc chem hons is it good for me to apply for jobs through elitmus or amcat or joblana? Suggestions pleasee...And what kind of job offers can i get?

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Prakhar 27 days ago
Elitmus yes Amcat are a bunch of Looters. But I don't think elitmus has got much jobs to offer for Bsc chem. I believe you will get a chance through tcs entrance

Can I get job updates for experienced here? I'm a web developer at present..

Anand Ingle 30 days ago

Any one got mail from tcs who have cleared the test and not yet selected ?

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Srijani Dutta 14 days ago
When will they announce the results?

TCS bond year

  1. A 1 year 44%
  2. B 2 year 30%
  3. C 3 year 12%
  4. D don't 14%
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ganavi ks 26 days ago
once I attended the interview of TCS they told bond will be 1 year if u want to work u can continue