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prasad sorganvi 10 hours ago
send me plz prasadsorganvi1998@gmail.com
Manpreet Kour 1 day ago
firstly there will be an online test consisting of 10 aptitude 10 reasoning 10 verbal and 40 programming,SQL,html questions...
then 1 coding question
last is we need to write an paragram based on the statement given...
after that if you have selected then there will be GD and HR interview

please share a file/pdf.....having all diffrent kind of star/num/char pattern questions asked in Tcs nqt intrview....

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Praveen Navin 16 hours ago
this year so far they haven't asked any patterns

Anyone here who knows the exam pattern of TCS digital . Please share !

can anyone send preparation materials for hcl tech to sandysandhiya1797@gmail.com

s.rohini 1 day ago
i also need plz send me frnd rohinibeece2014@gmail.com

guys please tell us what coding questions were asked in TCS exam.

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