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priyanka tiwari 4 hours ago
No ... 2020
Pawan Kumar 2 hours ago
yes you are eligible for the exam

Actually there is a drive on Accenture, are they conducting off campus or homely based exam, some of them got mails regarding this can u post an updated link or else will give clarify to these interview exam..??

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dvvr Sarath Chandra 10 hours ago
Send me the link

Anyone Expression or ever heard of Mindsoft IT Solutions??? plz response asap...need help!!😩😩

though I got a menu mail i applied for IBM interview they mentioned last date and time to apply but I applied the next day of last date can i attend/am applicable for interview or not ?

Anyone having idea for Josh Technology Group's 2nd round off campus recruitment? (1st round was on 25th Aug, 2019)

Shubhangi 6 hours ago
Hey, Did you get the mail?
Aashiq Ashu 3 days ago
Will u Plzzz Send me Registration Link......
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