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sanbay srina 10 days ago
have u executed ur code succesfully
Smiley Smiley 8 days ago
Page cant be available is came can any one know about this

#Wipro-NLTH 2020 #First Round Result Hi Guys! Is there anybody who recently received the Interview e-mail from Wipro? Has the result been announced?

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Amiya Karmakar 10 days ago
yah i have received

how do you access your TCS explore? i don't have any idea about it, did they send mail to us or how we access? i have cleared the off-campus of phase II of 2018 & 2019. can anyone help me please!

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Kiruthika Anbazhagan 20 days ago
Thank you so much

can any one tell me the technical round of sonata software and give me some tips to clear that round

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#Wipro-NLTH #Results Did anybody receive any kind of e-mail after attending Wipro - NLTH recruitment test? When will the results be declared?

Roshni Syed 11 days ago
no but get a mail as thank you for your participation and stay tuned for more updates...Is wipro providing any rejection mails for nlth 2020??

Can anyone know the selection process of Tricon Infotech Pvt Ltd

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Abhishek Shrivastava 30 days ago
share WhatsApp no.

does anyone know about ey global delivery services company placement rounds for IT field people

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