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If anyone has attended technical interview for full stack developer by face. If so can you send the topics to be prepared. I have interview tomorrow.

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Venkata Raghulan .V 16 days ago
The questions will be testing your basic understanding of programming. You will be asked to share your screen and solve a few programs which are quite easy. All the best

Hi Guys My Sis Attending Interview on Feb 1st For cts interview.. Original Certificates is submitted in college now they are asking 20k to get it. Is it mandatory to submit originals at the time of interview or we can show xerox to attend interview.

Jagannath Barik 1 month ago
xerox will do
Ramakrishna 1 month ago
4 round for fresher

has anyone got response after interview of IBM through TNSLPP ? venue: sai ram college, Chennai date: 14th Dec

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Kandula Madhu Lavanya 2 months ago
can u tell me what is the first round either coding test or any cognitive ability..
and plz tell me resent coding questions

Infosys referral drive is on for 19 batch. Get referred before 20 December.

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Annamaiah K 2 months ago
What is the date for this drive?
Meena 2 months ago
Congrats to you too

Any one here attended the interview at eurofins???? pls reply becoz ur reply will help me.....

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rudra sai chandhar yadav 2 months ago
nope still waiting
Somasekhar Gowdu 3 months ago
did you have IBM meterias means send pls somasekhargowdu9@gmail.com