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When will be the off campus drive for 2018 passed outs in Coimbatore? Am I able to attend the 2019 passed outs off campus drive? Please let me know anyone.

i am not clear written test nijana test is there is any off campus drive TCS 2019passedouts

Swathi Judo 4 days ago

anyone have IBM placement material please send me pankajkumar.15467@gmail.com

Can any one send me .. IBM materials , apptitude , techinal drive date 11th may please send ASAP @ vicky.kannan12@gmail.com thanks in advanced..

VIGNESH 17 days ago
no .. I dint get .. but we can directly I think ..

Hi frndz tomorrow there is drive for Virtusa in Chennai can anyone send me the interview materials @ vicky.kannan12@gmail.com please .. thanks in advance ..

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VIGNESH 18 days ago
online assessment .. questions plz ..

Any one wrote inform written exam which was held on 4th may. Did anyone got results?? if any got results pls mention in comments.

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Naveen 19 days ago

We will be going live sharp at 6:00 PM on our YouTube channel and our Technical expert will be handling a session on Arrays. Click here to watch - http://bit.ly/arrays-live Note: 1 out of every 3 questions asked on C programming or Data structures involves the concept of arrays. So don't miss the session as it might be crucial for your prep.

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