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Does anybody who got placed in techmahendra in this recent offcampus drive please ping me In how many days you got mail.

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sirii023 2 days ago
when u attended interview??
shilpa shilpa 2 days ago
geetha savanam 3 days ago
no they don't tell the results

I am done with my TR and HR in cognizant on 2nd March 2019, is there any chances of selection??2019 passed out.

  1. A yes 84%
  2. B no 16%
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satin 7 days ago
do you have any idea when will results coma? mine was done on march 3rd in malla reddy clh

I have appeared for the written test of Cognizant twice within 6 months and got selected in Cognizant will there be any background verification to check who have appeared for the drive ??????

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md shami 17 days ago
when they asked about your PAN number when you attended 2nd time ,how do manage that?

sir/mam I successfully completed my interview on ust global how long it takes to get offer letter

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