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Does any one have capgemini placement papers? Send me @varunkumargyt@gmail.com

Ravi 5 days ago
mail me also ravitejapaccha@gmail.com

Does any body have TCS,Infosys previous question papers,please send them to me- sai.venkata999@gmail.com

devi prasad 14 days ago
How the prograd offline course is different from online course
Sanath parimi 16 days ago
mail me @ parimisanath1@gmail.com for all company materials
Meena 1 month ago
first round: coding on hacker rank( elimination round). 2nd round: cognitive ability games- elimination round(video in Hindi: https://youtu.be/AUXuTjCpVxU ). 3rd round: learning agility- 2 statements will be given. you have to agree or strongly agree with the statement that suits you best. 4th round: English proficiency and verbal ability- fluency, synonyms and spellings will be tested

Can anyone suggest how to prepare for IBM off campus drive 2019?? As the pattern is changed for this year..

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azra nishat 2 months ago
11th in Tirupati..
Rekha 2 months ago
Can u sent the registration link?? Whether its on or off campus?