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K ram Naveen Guptha 1 day ago
Sir,is there any elimination after communication test ?
tough anonymous 1 day ago
Can i get inytq prev or studymaterials
Debadi Prasanna Gongopadhyay 13 hours ago
Swathi C 2 days ago
Mostly section-wise cutoff

When will Infosys conduct off campus drive for 18/19/20 batch? p.s.: I'm 2018 batch
Will they conduct it?

  1. A Sure they will 33%
  2. B Not sure 38%
  3. C No , they won't conduct for 2018 batch 29%
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Abhishek Khaiwale 3 days ago
Know more about the infytq exam by the candidates who got placed on https://www.quora.com/How-was-Infosys-infyTQ-interview
Swathi C 2 days ago
Practice all the previous year questions available on faceprep & campus gate. That will be enough. Don't go for any paid materials. They will not be of any use.
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