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Reading Comprehension

Roshni Syed 9 days ago
please mail me too roshsyed111@gmail.com
Nithya P 1 month ago
plz send me to sis sathusabari5@gmail.com

Can someone please help me to prepare for the INFOSYS on campus recruitment drive.... written test. Mainly in verbal section

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Praful Warbhuvan 2 months ago
you got the written test call letter?
chandni agrawal 3 months ago
please send to chandni540@gmail.com

does anyone have tcs ion verbal ability paid material please send me please i wanna go through that please send me bakisaikumar4@gamil.com

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Teja Naveen 3 months ago
if you got that, can please send this to tp8229@gmail.com
sharak 1 month ago
hii frnds plss send me infosys verbal material to rakshaya98ammu@gmail.com
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