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Sentence Correction

prithi ka 15 days ago

Correct the error(s) in the following sentence:
The small child does whatever his father was done.

  1. A has done 28%
  2. B did 24%
  3. C does 20%
  4. D has done 22%
  5. E no correction required 6%
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Mintu roy 7 months ago
Geetha Palanisamy 9 months ago
Aniruddha Paul 10 months ago
u can register in placementseason.com fr TCS ninja mock scheduled on 15th august

hello !! I have face problem with my English .Can anyone suggest me how can I prepare for my placement written English .

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sivaramireddy vemannagari 10 months ago
best way is to listen the speeches how they are pronouncing
Karan Bawa 11 months ago
You wanna know the updates of jobs?
Ananya Bahl 11 months ago
actually I got mock test from faceprep only... U can also try that... try contacting them
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