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Sentence Correction

Correct the error(s) in the following sentence:
The small child does whatever his father was done.

  1. A has done 28%
  2. B did 24%
  3. C does 20%
  4. D has done 22%
  5. E no correction required 6%
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Mintu roy 3 months ago
Geetha Palanisamy 4 months ago
Aniruddha Paul 5 months ago
u can register in placementseason.com fr TCS ninja mock scheduled on 15th august

hello !! I have face problem with my English .Can anyone suggest me how can I prepare for my placement written English .

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sivaramireddy vemannagari 6 months ago
best way is to listen the speeches how they are pronouncing
Karan Bawa 6 months ago
You wanna know the updates of jobs?
Ananya Bahl 6 months ago
actually I got mock test from faceprep only... U can also try that... try contacting them

You will have finished this work by tomorrow.

  1. A This work will be finished by tomorrow. 52%
  2. B This work will finished tomorrow. 5%
  3. C This work will have been finished by tomorrow. 34%
  4. D This work will have been finished tomorrow. 10%
1 Thanks 363 Attempts 3 Comments
Vaishnavi Gowda 3 months ago
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