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Time, Speed and Distance

Rr 11 hours ago
Hey I didn't recieved the Hall ticket so I was not able to go for the drive. what about you? Did same thing happened with you?

Kanyakumari Express is
daily train from Kashmir to
Kanyakumari. The train leaves
Kashmir at 11 a.m. everyday
and reaches Kanyakumari after
exactly 10 days at 11 a.m. Kashmir
Express is a similar daily train
which leaves Kanyakumari at
11 a.m. everyday and reaches
Kashmir after exactly 10 days at
11 a.m. Let us say, you are on the
train which is leaving Kashmir
on 20 April. When you reach
Kanyakumari on 30th April, how
many Kashmir Express trains
would have crossed you from the
opposite direction?

  1. A 9 23%
  2. B 10 41%
  3. C 19 20%
  4. D none 16%
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Suresh 1 month ago
What's the correct answer...??

can anyone pls tell me wt type of cocubes micro academy will ask in online test ....pls send if any materials u have ...harshitha2397@gmail.com

Mohammed Ibrahim 2 months ago
Asalaamu Alikum bro, i use indiabix.com.
if you get materials, kindly share it with me also bro,
at 8610905212 whatsapl
Upasana Sahu 1 month ago
350 m
Vikash Yadav 3 months ago
No. there is no negative marks for any wrong answer

Any one need Cocube and paid study material contact me even for 2nd round computer programming question mail: subhamgpt08@gmail.com

sravani kovvada 2 months ago
plz send to sravanikovvada99@gmail.com

A bullet train covers a certain distance in 40 min,if the train runs at a speed of 45km/hr on an average then the speed at which the train must run to reduce the time of journey to 30 min will be? A)50km/hr B)60km/hr C)72km/hr D)80km/hr

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Komal Tapare 3 months ago
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