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any one got the mail about mindtree interview for Vijayawada region

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Deepak Kumar 7 hours ago
wt about Hyderabad? any info?
madivada hari priya 11 hours ago
aptitude written, picture story, skill written text,tr nd hr

can any one help me for interview process of techm for software developer and training process also...(about rellocation and training period)...??

Anyone got mail from capgemini conducted on 7th march in hyderabad

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Divyanshu Chitranshi 12 hours ago
Same i hav also given on 6th march at G.Noida, but no response from there end till date!

Are they any company drives for 2019 passouts

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Ajay A 2 days ago
in pune

Any one have idea about CGI interview process?

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what is the interview process

What are the things must be prepared for the TCS Testimony contest(EnQuode)??? If anyone have the material for it , please send to sampathtamil304@gmail.com.

do anyone have idea about when cognizant sends mail ? my interview was completed on march 3rd in malla reddy clg . its been almost 2 weeks

satin 6 days ago
no none of us got. they said you will get mail in 2 weeks
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