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Group Discussion

I have attended tcs off-campus phase2 for 2018 & 2019 passedouts, in sep 1 and i have cleared the written test but i didn't get interview details[location and date].It was mentioned that the interviews wil be held from sep 10.Is there any one waiting for the interview details like.if you know any details please let me know

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Ramesh 2 days ago
materials for TCS phase 2 interview. rameshthaalshasan@ gmail.com

I cleared the interview of tcs and even got joining letter. But after joining hr said I'm not eligible as I had a compartment in optional subject in 12th due to some health issue but cleared it 1 month later in the same year. so there is no year gap between 10th and 12th. Even I scored 75+ in 10th, 12th and graduation. what should I do in this case?

dilip kumar 2 days ago
Was it tcs digital? what was your job location and when did your interview happen?

i have registered for tcs exam bt i have not declare the exam date or exam hall ticket plz suggest

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Damini Deore 2 days ago

Anyone please help me with eLitmus materials and accenture materials. Mail me on chakrabortydebarshi319@gmail.com

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Sudarshan Hegde 6 hours ago
bro did u got Accenture materials
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