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Group Discussion

Considering the M.Tech Fees increments and privatisation of PSUs. Is Gate still having the same value?

  1. A NO it is of no use now 20%
  2. B Yes still the same Value 57%
  3. C Value lost but still has some value 23%
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From where should i study calculus portion for CSE gate2020, in ordr to solve all questions of calculus....

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Sudhakar 1 month ago

has anyone attended hexaware campus drive 2019? If yes please share the recruitment process and some questions also.

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Guna Sekaran 1 month ago
pls mail it to me if you get as well gunasekaran1199@gmail.com
Shreyash Singh 1 month ago
please send it to me too shreyashs20@gmail.com
Naveen 1 month ago
Infosys Good training I think soo
tiku sahoo 1 month ago
women empowerment and other social issues
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