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Group Discussion

I am from 2019 batch with 2 offers. Which company is better to join Wipro or Cognizant?

  1. A Cognizant 56%
  2. B Wipro 44%
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GAURAV GAWDE 1 day ago
VISHAL SOM 1 day ago
1st April

Is there any part time internships available After 4 r 5 PM if anyone know please let me inform

Ramya 9 days ago
please post upcoming off campus drive for 2018 batch in Chennai

Anyone having Cocubes material please share... e-mail: rutikap1997@gmail.com Thanks in advance.....

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Rocky 6 days ago
text me on wtsapp @7036184199. I vil provide
Manoj Devidas Bhadane 10 days ago

Can anyone please tell me about recruitment process of Softdel and it's syllabus ????

Nikhilesh Puvvada 15 days ago
i tooo
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