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Group Discussion

am from mechanical background whether I can get a job in software ??is anyone working in IT from mechanical branch

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Yogesh sachdeva 1 day ago
I'm from IT bro., but I can assure you that you can start your career in IT Services. Growth depends upon individual not the respective branch.
Sai Sameera 2 days ago
my interview was taken by 3 interviewers for tr and later 2 interviewers for hr in Hyderabad

writing a test is considered as six months or attending the interview is considered as six months

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I'm a passed out BTech 2019 batch and I'm not having job.please help me how to find way?what should I do for getting a job?

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Ravuri Ratnasri 8 days ago
keep searching for off campus drives and attend those and keep on practise aptitude,core subjects..

I recently cleared TCS digital written exam can anyone help me with the interview process of TCS digital please. asap

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Siddharth Sk 4 days ago
did u get selected?
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