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Group Discussion

sreelatha p 14 hours ago
still I am not decided
Sowmya Guptha 1 hour ago

anyone have idea about....I wrote cognizgent exam online auto protecting exam on 19 Jan 2019 ...when did I get the results

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shmarika 22 hours ago
it's already declared yesterday check u r mail.
Shaik Shaheerbanu 18 hours ago
drive date pls
sahithi nagula 2 days ago
does anyone contain l and t material plzz share to sahithi.nagula@gmail.com

I have written Cognizant off campus drive on the I wrote good in verbal, quantitative,logical section..in the coding(automata fix) I have done 2 programs.is there chance to me to complete written test or not?

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sp nayak 3 days ago
can u send the link plz

Hi Friends.I am completed Mtech 2017.btech ece 2015.now I need to join software job so what can I do ... please share me AMCAT mock test and preparation previous papers .please help me.my mail I'd Soujanya.chitti20@gmail. com

Badduri Navya 4 days ago
can you please share the link for Cts ?
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