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Group Discussion

guys when is TCS Ninja for 2019 ......is arrears how much allowed...? can anyone say any companies recruiting now ...guys send me all the details of IT services companies LINKS here ...I will also share below this message...!!!! kindly send I will send information to my best....!!!!

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biradar pooja 18 hours ago
1 backlog is allowed

i would like to know if there r any off campus drives for 2017 batch?

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Adeeba Nadeem 15 days ago
yes, I also need the same.

hello face prep.i am 2019 passed out student...is there any national qualifier tests from mnc's for 2019 passed out students????

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Geetha Palanisamy 18 days ago
Currently there is no National Qualifier test for 2019 passouts.

i am currently in prefinal year.august onwards companies are coming in my college for recruitment.please give me some strategy to crack interview technical and hr round. i am a student of computer science.

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Mayank Singh 19 days ago
prepare for quant, verbal and logical reasoning for technical subject DBMS, Os , Data structure and algo and computer network. knowledge for oops.
Kanika 12 days ago
prepinsta.com for paid materials
Swathi C 21 days ago
Yes. CSE has wide range f opportunities when compared to other branches.
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