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Personal Interview

SAJAL GUPTA 4 days ago
hey guys !
can u tell me how many days before the interview schedule you got final date of interview?

LandT Infotech Important topics for Aptitude are? Guide me for placement drive please

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raj avinash Ghate 13 days ago
SQL Oop basic programming quants logical verbal data interpretation
Madhu 20 days ago
Naveen plz send tcs material

anyone please share your interview experience with byjus .. thanks in advance

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Debadi Prasanna Gongopadhyay 25 days ago

tcs results are out! have given interview at Kolkata on 5th July 2019 and got selected

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sreelekhadandamraju 25 days ago
offer letter recevied jst now. check portal guys

Anyone who gave interview at TCS gitanjali park ,Kolkata on 4th July? Did You get result? How many interviewers where there in your interview panel? My Interview was taken by only 2 people and most of my friends 3 people took interview and i am worried about it.

Sai Sameera 1 month ago
anyone from hyderabad location took interview on 5 july for tcs??
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