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anyone can have NTT model paper's and pattern pls send to me mounireddy0000@gmail.com

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RAVURI DURGA RAO 1 month ago
I attended NTT it is amcat test only

please send me a same resume in this email swtresh.das.rd@gmail.com

Can anybody send a sample of professional resume...to my mail: suganya.rsarah@gmail.com

Revathy 4 months ago
please send it also revathythangavel1997@gmail.com

Can any one share tcs and infosys resume format plz send me rajeevpro103@gmail.com

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vanitha 5 months ago
pls send me also at. vanithabellie97@gmail.com

can any one send resume format or a sample resume??my email account is "mahadevuviji95@gmail.com"

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suggam janaki 5 months ago
please send to me.
mail: suggamjanaki1998@gmail.com
Priyanka Chowdary 6 months ago
Me too

starting as a fresher how should be a resume look like? please can any one suggest me the sample resume how it should be???

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Priyanka Ade 5 months ago
me also

I am a BCA first year student.Should I take the Prograd Full stack Developer course now?

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Geetha Palanisamy 8 months ago
Prograd is a certification that will help you irrespective of your academic year. Also you need to decide which kind of Jobs you are looking at. If in case you want to purse a career in software development, then it will be of immense use.

can I add "playing video games " to hobby section?

  1. A yes 46%
  2. B no 54%
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