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DXC Placement Papers - Exam Pattern, Syllabus | FACE Prep

Published on 09 Mar 2020

This article will focus on the DXC Online Aptitude Test that takes place in the first round of the DXC Recruitment Process. This article will give details on the Test Pattern, Syllabus and also have a look at few previously asked DXC Placement Papers questions.

Also, have a detailed look at the next stage of the process i.e DXC Interview Process

For the freshers from across the engineering colleges across India, DXC Technologies has emerged as one of the main recruiters. The number of students showing an interest to work in the company has relatively increased which has made the recruitment procedure to go on a difficult level. But there is absolutely nothing to worry about! By going through the DXC Placement Papers of the recent years, one can easily get the idea of the level of the examination. The papers will help a great deal in qualifying the rounds and availing a wonderful opportunity to get a good job.DXC Placement Papers:

DXC Placement Papers

Here are the different rounds which you need to qualify to get into the company:

Online Test

The online test round of DXC Placement Papers includes the DXC Technology Aptitude Test. The questions of the exam cover the quants, technical, logical reasoning as well as the verbal sections. Also, questions from the core syllabus of the Computer Science subjects will be included in the exam. You can go through the past DXC Placement Papers for getting a clear understanding of the various questions coming in the exam. For example, there will be some programming multiple choice questions.

The online test round will comprise of 100 questions and will have a duration of 2 hours. Essay writing will also be included in one of the portions. It will be really helpful if you have a look at the DXC DXC Placement Papers for DXC online test questions.

DXC Exam Test Pattern

The DXC Technologies visits a number of colleges and universities to select the candidates who can match the criteria of the company and have the required skills. This article will give you an insight into the various stages and rounds of the recruitment procedure. Also, spending some time going through the DXC Placement Papers will get acquainted with the complete pattern of the exam.

Section    Number of Questions
Aptitude + Reasoning + Verbal 40
Essay1 (150 word limit)

The time duration allotted for the written test round is 90 minutes. There is no negative marking in this exam and the level of the DXC Placement Papers exam will be moderate. One thing that the applicants need to keep in mind is that the company can make changes in the exam pattern at any time. The previous DXC placement papers can help you to get an idea of the exam questions.


  • The Aptitude + Reasoning + Verbal section will comprise of questions based on Assumptions and Conditions. Logical questions, fill in the blanks, Time and Distance, Blood Relation, antonyms, synonyms, comprehension etc. will also be included.
  • The technical section will comprise of questions from the core subjects like C, C++, CO, DBMS and Operating System.

Written Programming Test

In the DXC Placement Papers written test round, the candidate will be given C and C++ programs to write. These programs will include topics like even/odd, Fibonacci series, prime numbers, print patterns etc.

How can FACE help the Applicants?

FACE has emerged as the leader in executing the campus placement training process. No doubt the success of FACE in DXC Technologies has reached an excellent level. Almost 60% of FACE students who have undergone both the online and offline training procedure have managed to clear the DXC Technologies selection process. We, at FACE, make sure that you have the access to accurate information in the placement exam papers or while you are preparing for the interview rounds.

In order to make the students familiar with the proper pattern of the exam and the different kinds of questions, Face provides them with the previous years DXC Placement Papers with solutions. You can refer to the following links for the same.




Some frequently asked questions

1) There are 3 piles of books on the table you need to arrange them in the self-such that 1st book of each pile gets placed on the self, what is the possible no of arrangements:


b) 12C3 * 9C4

c) 12^12

d) none

2) Price of a book increases 15% successively (2 times). What is the new price of the book more compared to that of the old price?





3) There are 3 mixtures when mixed in the ratio of 3:4:5 price was 240. When mixed with 6:4:9 price was 340.what's the price when mixed in 5:6:8 ration price is_________

4)One person has 2 children. At least one of them was a girl. Then the Probability that 2 of them is agirl is_____





5) Swati, when get married to jayanta her age, was 3/4 th of her husband's age. After 12 years her age became 5/6 th of her husband's age. Then what's the age of Swati when she got married??

6) y=MAX((3x+y),(11x-y)) then what's the value of y???

Some of the previously asked technical questions are:

1) ------- is associated with web services.


b) WML

c) web sphere

d) web logic

2) A reserved area of the immediate access memory used to increase the running speed of the computer program.

a) session memory

b) bubble memory

c) cache memory

d) shared memory

3) A small subnet that sits between a trusted internal network and an untrusted external network, such as the public internet.

a) LAN

b) MAN

c) WAN

d) DMZ

4) What is an array?

  1. An array is a series of elements of the same type in contiguous memory locations
  2. B. An array is a series of element
  3. C. An array is a series of elements of the same type placed in non-contiguous memory locations
  4. D. None of the mentioned

5) If #include is used with a file name in angular brackets.

A. The file is searched for in the standard compiler include paths

B. The search path is expanded to include the current source directory

C. Both a & b

D. None of the mentioned

6) wtmp and utmp files contain:

A. Temporary system data

B. User login-logout log

C. The users command execution log

D. The users su and sudo attempts

7) Which one of the following computer network is built on the top of another network?

A. prior network B. chief network C. prime network D. overlay network

If you have any feedback about this article and want to improve this, please write to enquiry@faceprep.in