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What is eLitmus pH Test?

Published on 06 Mar 2020

Lakhs and Lakhs of candidates graduate every year. Even though most of the colleges offer on-campus placements, not everyone gets placed in them. So, what happens to those unplaced students? These unplaced students go for off-campus drives in hopes of getting placed.

But, nowadays, most of the companies, rather than conducting their own drives, hire graduates and freshers through processes like eLitmus pH test, AMCAT, CoCubes, etc. In these, eLitmus plays a major role in the hiring of freshers. So, what is eLitmus pH test? This article will discuss all the details about the eLitmus pH test.

About eLitmus

eLitmus Evaluation Private Limited is an Indian recruitment organization founded by ex-Infosys employees. It helps the companies in hiring freshers to their entry-level jobs through its effective and unique test called eLitmus pH test. This test is used by most of the companies including some fortune 500 companies like Dell, General Electric, etc. to

recruit graduates.

What is eLitmus pH Test?

eLitmus pH test or Hiring Potential Test is an assessment test conducted by eLitmus to evaluate candidates’ suitability for recruitment. The companies use this test’s results in their hiring process. They call the candidates for the interview based on this result. This test is conducted across 37 Indian cities every few weeks.

As opposed to the other tests, eLitmus is unique because it tests the candidates’ knowledge of fundamentals rather than their by-hearting skills or their knowledge of the tricks to easily solve the problem.

What is eLitmus pH Test Pattern?

The eLitmus pH test pattern, unlike tests like AMCAT, doesn’t test the candidates’ core knowledge. All the questions asked are to test the candidates’ familiarity with high school level mathematics and their proficiency in English. The questions are of varying difficulty level and the candidates’ final score will reflect the number of questions answered along with their difficulty levels.

The eLitmus pH test is strictly a pen and paper mode test. It is an aptitude test consisting of multiple choice questions in 3 sections as:

  • Quantitative Aptitude
  • Verbal Ability
  • Analytical Reasoning

Each section has 20 questions for 200 marks. Hence, each question carries 10 marks each. The total marks allotted for 60 questions are 600. The candidate has to solve these 60 questions in the time duration of 2 hours. The unique feature of this test is that all the required formulas are given in the question paper.

The eLitmus pH exam pattern is given below:

What is eLitmus pH test - Exam Pattern 
No. of Questions
Time Duration
Quantitative Aptitude






2 Hours

Verbal Ability



Analytical Reasoning






Negative Marking in eLitmus pH Test

The negative marking scheme of eLitmus pH test is also unique. In eLitmus pH test, every wrong answer carries negative marks in certain cases. The marks reduced will solely depend on the candidates’ performance.

If more than 25% of the questions attempted are wrong, then, a negative marking of 0.5 is deducted from the total marks scored by the candidate.

If less than or equal to 25% of the questions attempted are wrong, then no marks are deducted.

Eligibility Criteria for eLitmus pH Test

The eLitmus pH Test doesn’t have any specific eligibility criteria. Any graduate/ Fresher/ Experienced Professional can attend the test.

eLitmus pH Test Percentile Vs Score

The eLitmus Test result is calculated in percentile. If a candidate secures 85 percentile, then it means that 15% of the total test takers are above him and he is above the remaining 85%. The tentative percentile vs score table is given below:

eLitmus pH test Percentile vs Score

80 percentile and above is generally considered to be a good score in eLitmus pH test.

eLitmus pH Test Preparation Tips

Only 10% of the questions asked in this test are easy to solve. Hence, understanding of fundamentals is necessary. Using CAT level materials for preparation is recommended. Along with this, regular practice is necessary to crack the test.

These are the important things to know about the eLitmus Test. Hence, it is important to remember each and every point to strategically prepare for the test.

To know more about eLitmus and placements, stay in contact with FACE Prep.

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