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Guys please respond(2019 batch) TCS:You may have attended for TCS in these past three months. Please share your experiences about aptitude test and programming MCQs so that we can know how to prepare for this. And my doubt is TCS aptitude test is tough when it was counducted in our campus when we were in final year.But now I came to know that the questions pattern was changed and they are somewhat easier than before. So please share all your experiences. Thank you. Hope you will comment.



english simple quants we have Mcqs and advanced fill in the blanks technical Mcqs and advanced fill in the blanks coding nth series quants and technical campus gate and prepinsta website

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Rupa Reddy

which papers?is that enough if we prepare from 2016 to 2018?And a great thanks for your reply!

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Aaranya Gupta

do we have to write an email in the verbal section?

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Rupa Reddy

No.Once check pattern. And its changed.

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laxmi Rajpoot

the verbal section will be easy .. basically there are some blanks between the paragraph and options are given we have to choose appropriate option. in quant section the difficulty level is moderate . focus on topic profile loss time work distance etc.

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text me on wtsapp@9618548909

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Sowmya Guptha

just prepare from r s agarwal text book

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