IBM Online Aptitude Test – Syllabus and Practice Questions


IBM Online Aptitude Test

IBM Online Aptitude Test – Sections

The IBM Online Aptitude Test is designed for candidates to check their mathematical capabilities and English verbal and communication proficiency. There are 3 components of this test:

  1. Quantitative Aptitude
  2. Number Series
  3. Business Communication Test – English assessment
Quantitative Aptitude
1840 mins
Number Series
1840 mins
Verbal Assessment
2220 mins
Total58100 mins

Check the complete IBM Test Pattern here

Check the complete IBM Syllabus here

Number series & Quantitative Ability section consists of 18 questions each based on topics like series, algebra, time & work, time, speed & distance, arithmetic, percentages, probability, permutation & combination, profit & loss, HCF, LCM, geometry, etc. This section is of moderate level.

To clear the IBM Online Aptitude Test, Practice Number series & Quantitative Ability here

Quantitative Aptitude Test
Time, speed & distance
Profit & loss
Time & work
Permutation & combination

In these sections, each question has a time limit of 2.15 minutes. If you fail to answer a question within this time limit, then the next question gets displayed on the screen automatically. You need to be very careful while answering these sections. Hence, it is important to understand the pattern and manage your time efficiently to gain maximum marks in the test. Gain Practice with Mock Tests.

While taking these tests, it becomes important to be able to solve a particular number of questions so that you are well above the cut-off margin. Since competition of IBM Online Aptitude Test takers is high, we have evaluated the expected number of questions from each section along with the difficulty level. Have a look at this table to understand the pattern more clearly.

IBM Quantitative Aptitude Topics
Expected number of Question
Level of Difficulty
Profit and Loss
Ratio and Proportion
Data Interpretation
Time, Speed Distance

IBM Online Aptitude Test – Number Series

Number of Questions: 18

Time Allotted: 40 mins

Suggested time to solve each question is 2 min  15 secs

Number series is a form of series in which particular numbers are present in a particular order and missing numbers are to find out. A series is solved by a particular number of series tricks, formulas, attitudes of a person. There are various types of series present in the exam. Series can be of many types of Numbers like Natural numbers, Whole numbers, Contagious numbers etc. A sequence is described as a list of elements with a particular order.

Tricks for solving Number Series Questions

Number Series puzzles can be solved by various tricks provided by mathematics. After reading a question, check the following:

  1. if all the numbers are prime, even or odd.
  2. If all the numbers are perfect squares or cubes.
  3. If all the numbers have a particular divisibility.
  4. If all the numbers are succeeding by some additions or subtraction or multiplications or divisions by a particular number or addition of their cubes and squares.

IBM Online Aptitude Test – Verbal Ability

  • Verbal English section consists of short reading comprehension passages, basic grammar usage questions like fill in the blanks, synonyms, antonyms, paragraph completion, sentence correction, vocabulary, sentence ordering etc. There is also a question on Email Writing. Check the complete syllabus here.

The IBM Verbal Ability Test is a Business Communication Test which assesses a candidate’s English proficiency. Companies like IBM usually involve tasks which require the employees t conduct meetings and calls with overseas clients. Hence, this test is an important standard for the company to judge a candidate’s English speaking skills. If you are an average English speaker and have graduated from an English medium school, this test should be easy to clear. The IBM verbal test generally revolves around the following base topics:


Verbal Ability
Reading comprehension
Sentence completion
Sentence correction
sentence ordering

Practice English Verbal Ability Questions here.

IBM Online Aptitude Test- Overall Cut-Off

Quantitative Aptitude
8-10 marks
Number Series
8-10 marks
Verbal Ability
12-14 marks

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