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InfyTQ Questions and Answers | InfyTQ Aptitude for Qualifying Round

Published on 30 Mar 2021

Aptitude is one of the sections tested in the Qualifying Round of InfyTQ. In this article, we will be discussing some of the aptitude questions asked in the sample test released officially by Infosys. These sample questions will give you a fair idea about the difficulty level of the exam.

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InfyTQ Questions | Official Sample Paper for Aptitude Round

Q1. The ink in a pen will last for 12 pages where each page has 32 lines. How many pages will half the ink last if there are 48 lines per page and there are now 20% fewer letters per line than in an earlier case?

A. 15

B. 5

C. 7

D. Data insufficient

Answer: Option B


Let the number of letters per line initially be 10

Total number of letters pen can write = 12 * 32 * 10

= 3840

Number of letters that can be written with half the ink = 3840/2

= 1920

Let the number of pages written in the second case = x

Letters written per line in the second case = 8 (20% less than previous)


x * 48 * 8 = 1920

x = 5

Q2. A shop stores x kg of rice. The first customer buys half this amount plus half a kg of rice. The second customer buys half the remaining amount plus half a kg of rice. Then the third customer also buys half the remaining amount plus half a kg of rice. Thereafter, no rice is left in the shop. Which of the following best describes the value of x?

A. 2<= x <=6

B. 5<= x <=8

C. 9<= x <=11

D. 11<= x <=15

Answer: Option B


Rice purchased by first customer = x/2 + 1/2 = (x+1)/2

Remaining amount of rice = x - (x+1)/2

= (x-1)/2

Rice purchased by second customer = (x-1)/4 + 1/2

= (x+1)/4

Remaining amount of rice = (x-1)/2 - (x+1)/4

= (x-3)/4

Rice purchased by third customer = (x-3)/8 + 1/2

= (x+1)/8

After this there is no rice left


(x+1)/2 + (x+1)/4 + (x+1)/8 = x

x = 7

Q3. 10% of garments produced in a mill are found defective and 20% of the remaining are sold in the mill's factory outlet. If the remaining 5040 garments are shipped to other retail stores, then the number of garments that were defective was:

A. 700

B. 720

C. 7000

D. 7200

Answer: Option A


Let the total number of garments be 'x'

Non defective garments = 9x/10

Of these 20% are sold

Unsold garments = 80% (9x/10)

= 18x/25


18x/25 = 5040

x = 7000

Number of garments that were defective = 10% (7000)

= 700

Q4. The question is based on the following data.

Eight persons A, B, C, D, E, F, G and H are sitting around a table.

B is opposite to D, who is next to E.

A is next to B but not opposite E.

From E, A is nearer in clockwise direction.

If C is to the left of F, but not next to D, then who among the following is opposite to F?

A. E

B. A

C. G

D. F

Answer: Option A


When the direction facing is not given in the question, by default we take people to facing towards the centre.

The only arrangement as per the above clues is as follows

Hence, E is facing opposite to F

Q5. A lotion maker had to mix three perfume fragrances - Sage, Musk, White Lily with three moisturizers - Shea butter, Vitamin E, and Flower seed oil and fill them in 3 boxes - White, Pink, and Yellow.

Each perfume must be mixed with one of the lotions.

The mixture containing Sage must be filled in the white box.

Musk is mixed with Vitamin E, but this mixture cannot be filled in the Yellow box.

The mixture containing Shea Butter must be filled in the Yellow box.

The white box contains which of the following?

A. Sage and Vitamin E

B. Sage and Shea Butter

C. Flower seed oil

D. None of these

Answer: Option C


The following is the only arrangement possible as per the given clues

The white box consists of Sage and Flower seed oil

Q6. 20 men were employed to do some work in a certain time. But when 1/3rd of the scheduled time was over, it was found that only 1/4th of the total work was completed. How many more men should now be employed to complete the work in 3/4ths of the originally scheduled time?

A. 28

B. 20

C. 48

D. 40

Answer: Option A


Let the extra men required be x

Remaining work = 1 - 1/4

= 3/4

Remaining time = 3/4 - 1/3

= 5/12

As per work equivalence,

M1T1/W1 = M2T2/W2

(20 * 1/3) / (1/4) = [(20+x)*(5/12)] / (3/4)

x = 28

Q7. Rohit Sharma’s score in a T20 game is 4 times the average of his scores in the previous 5 games. What has been the percentage increase in his average after the 6th game?

A. 33.33%

B. 37.5%

C. 50%

D. 55%

Answer: Option C


Let Rohit's average in the previous 5 games be 'x'


Score in these 5 games = 5x

Score in the present game = 4x

Sum of scores in all 6 games = 9x

Average of score in all 6 games = 9x/6

= 1.5x

Percentage increase in average = (1.5x - x / x) *100

= 50%

Q8. The average score of Rahul Dravid in a certain number of innings is 43. He then played another 8 innings in which he scored 96,1,22,67,39,48,69,2. What is the new average of Dravid after those 8 innings?

A. Cannot be determined without the total number of innings

B. New average is higher

C. New average is lower

D. New average is same

Answer: Option D


Average of the eight innings played = (96+1+22+67+39+48+69+2)/8

= 43

Since the previous average is 43 and also the average of the eight other innings is also 43, the average remains constant.

Q9. Anil borrowed a total of 4000 USD from 2 lenders with simple interest at the rate of 5% p.a. and 7%. respectively. If the total interest paid for 3 years was 696 USD, how much did he borrow from the 2nd lender (at 7% p.a.)

A. 2400

B. 2000

C. 1600

D. 1800

Answer: Option C


Let the amount borrowed at 5% be 'x'

Then, the amount borrowed at 7% will be '4000-x'

Simple Interest = PTR/100


(x*5*3)/100 + (4000-x)*7*3/100 = 696

x = 2400

Amount borrowed at 7% is 4000-2400 = 1600

Q10. My age 3 years hence multiplied by 3 and from that subtracted 3 times my age 3 years ago will give you my exact age. How old am I?

A. 18

B. 15

C. 21

D. None of the above

Answer: Option A


Let the present age be 'x'

3 years hence, age will be = x+3

3 years ago, age was = x-3


3(x+3) - 3(x-3) = x

x = 18

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