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AMCAT Prep - Complete Syllabus Covered

This course, which is designed by India's most successful placement training company, will teach you how to crack the AMCAT 2018 test paper by learning to solve AMCAT questions in Quantitative Ability, English, and Logical Reasoning.

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About the AMCAT

The AMCAT is a computer-adaptive employability assessment test which is recognized by over 550 companies. Over 70,000 job aspirants appear for the AMCAT test every month making it one of the largest employability tests in India. After the AMCAT, candidates are provided with comprehensive feedback on their employability quotient, and the same is used to connect them to the right jobs from over 40,000 entry level positions that AMCAT offers through the associate companies every year. The AMCAT is also used by mass recruiters like Accenture, Wipro and Cognizant to conduct their aptitude rounds at various campus recruitment drives.

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Course Objectives

This AMCAT 2018 online course with video tutorials is designed to help you effectively prepare for the AMCAT and clear it with ease. This course has been designed by FACE, India's largest placement training company, which over the years has generated a compilation of AMCAT questions from test takers' experiences. In this course, you will find explanations to various concepts, and solutions to questions that have appeared in multiple AMCAT tests. By the end of the course, you will:

  • Learn to solve AMCAT questions for the English, Quantitative Ability and Logical Ability modules
  • Learn effective shortcuts and approaches which will help you solve AMCAT format questions in the fastest time possible
  • Be able to practice test-taking strategies by answering the 3 practice tests included in the course
  • Confidently answer the AMCAT test to clear the aptitude rounds of companies like Cognizant, Wipro and Accenture

Who is this course for?

This course is designed for freshers and candidates with experience who are appearing for the AMCAT, in order to help them get access to lucrative job opportunities. This course is also the perfect solution for freshers who are looking to crack the placement aptitude tests for companies like Accenture, Wipro and Cognizant.

Course Plan

1. Recruitment Analysis 2016, 2017 and 2018
1 video
2. Introduction
1 video
AMCAT Pattern and Syllabus 02:09
3. English - Vocabulary
3 videos
Synonyms 29:55

Antonyms 34:50

Contextual Vocabulary 19:47
4. English - Grammar
4 videos
Sentence Improvement 28:06

Sentence Completion - Part 2 17:17

Sentence Error 13:00
5. English - Comprehension
2 videos
Comprehension Ordering 15:37

Reading Comprehension Questions

Reading Comprehension Solutions 55:54

Verbal Revision Notes
6. Logical Reasoning - Abductive Reasoning
2 videos
Data Sufficiency 12:53

Logical Word Sequence 09:49
7. Logical Reasoning - Deductive Reasoning
6 videos
Blood Relations 11:22

Coding Deductive Logic 22:29

Objective Reasoning 13:18

Puzzle Solving 13:43

Selection Decision Table 11:23
8. Logical Reasoning - Inductive Reasoning
3 videos
Analogy Pattern Recognition 07:18

Coding and Number Pattern Recognition 23:12

Classification Pattern Recognition 10:28
9. Quantitative Ability - Basic Mathematics
3 videos
Divisibility 20:59

Numbers 33:21

HCF & LCM Concepts

Numbers Concepts
10. Quantitative Ability - Applied Mathematics
6 videos
Exponents Concepts

Introduction to Simple Interest and Compound Interest 02:12

Simple Interest and Compound Interest Concepts

Simple Interest and Compound Interest Concept

Simple Interest and Compound Interest 27:12

Introduction to Profit and Loss 01:00

Profit and Loss Concepts

Profit and Loss Concept

Profit and Loss 13:48

Inverse Concepts

Introduction to Inverse 42:39

Time, Speed and Distance Concepts

Time, Speed and Distance Concept

Time, Speed and Distance 19:35
11. Quantitative Ability - Engineering Mathematics
3 videos
Permutations and Combinantions Concepts

Permutations and Combinations 16:29

Probability Concepts

Probability 15:09

Logarithms 10:52

Quantitative Ability Revision Notes
12. AMCAT Practice Tests
 · 3 tests

Quantitative Ability

Logical Ability