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Career Builder: Introduction to Web Design- Beginners Guide to CSS

Enroll for this beginner friendly online tutorial on CSS and master the Style Sheet language. Learn this language in a simple methodological procedure in this course.

1 year access
Course Introduction:

Websites are the order of the day! Conceptual marketing has been replaced by e-commerce in less than a decade. Today, more and more companies are stepping into the market making the demand for skilled web-designers reach as high as the skyrocket. It is highly essential for any company to have a good website.

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Course Objectives:

The salient benefits of this online tutorial are:

  • You can learn website maintenance in a simplified manner
  • Content duplication and formatting can be understood
  • At the end of this course, you can create your own customized Style Sheet

Pre-requisites and Target Audience:

This course is open for all and as a learner you need no prerequisites to pursue this course. This course is designed keeping in mind:

  • Students interested in the field of Web Development
  • Young Entrepreneurs looking to develop their own professional sites
  • Anyone interested in Front End Web Development

Course Plan

1. What is CSS?
4 videos
CSS Inclusion 06:12

CSS Selectors 10:00

CSS Syntax 01:46
2. CSS Background
5 videos
CSS Background 07:19

CSS3 Background 07:40

CSS Alignment 03:16

CSS Links 02:00

CSS Lists 01:26
3. Introduction to Box Model
5 videos
CSS Box Model 10:07

CSS Dimension 01:05

CSS Display 02:02

CSS Float 03:30

CSS Tables 04:41
4. Introduction to Box & Positioning Elements
5 videos
CSS Blocks 02:04

CSS Positioning 04:29

CSS Pseudo-Elements 03:57

CSS Pseudo-Classes 04:14

CSS Text Effects 02:40
5. CSS Fonts
5 videos
CSS Fonts: Part 2 02:42

CSS Gradient 05:12

CSS Shadows 03:50

CSS Text 09:22