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How to effortlessly crack the Technical Interview round

Bag a lucrative job in the IT Sector, irrespective of your background, by equipping yourself with requisite skills with this course.

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Course Description

Information Technology (IT) sector is undoubtedly the sector having the highest recruitment across the world and particularly in India. As per the Indian Brand Equity Foundation (IBEF), the Indian IT industry is set to touch $225 billion by 2020 and the IT workforce is expected to touch 30 million. India, being one of the top IT service providers across the world, has a never ending demand for IT employees. With constant changes in technology, IT jobs not only have become more challenging but also are providing a great scope for growth and development.

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Course Objectives

By the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Learn programming basics in the C programming language
  • Be able to code programs efficiently and effectively
  • Learn how to easily answer interview questions for entry level software jobs
  • Learn about the various practical implementations of Data Structures in various programs and applications

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Prerequisites & Target audience

All the lectures discussed are dealt from scratch, making it easy to understand for students from any background. This course is specifically designed for the non CS-IT engineering student who wants to land a software job in an IT major like TCS, CTS, Infosys, Wipro, Accenture, etc. Therefore, if you are looking for a dream job in the IT sector and have little or no knowledge about programming, this course is the perfect guide for you.

Course Plan

1. Introduction
1 video
Overview of the course 01:23
2. C: Introduction to C
11 videos
Introduction 07:55

Datatypes and Variables 04:51

Derived Datatypes 02:12

Bitwise Operators 04:02

Basic Input Functions 03:31

Software Development Life Cycle 04:33

Advanced Concepts on Variables 06:56

Advanced Input Functions 01:22

Types of Questions 10:29

Case Study - Calculator 03:42
3. C: Flow Control in C
5 videos
Conditional Branching Statements 03:41

Unconditional Statements 05:59

Modular Programming 04:42

Loops 01:34

Nested Functions 02:14
4. Data Structures - I: Introduction
1 video
5. Data Structures - I: Arrays and Linked Lists
4 videos
Arrays 10:18

Multi - Dimensional Arrays 10:29

Singly Linked Lists 08:00

Doubly Linked Lists 09:25
6. Data Structures - I: Stacks and Queues
4 videos
Stack 04:26

Queues 04:13

Circular Queue 07:34

Priority Queue 07:23
7. Data Structures - I: Trees and Heaps
4 videos
Trees 07:33

Binary Search Trees 07:12

Heaps 10:13
8. Data Structures - I: Hashes and Graphs
2 videos
Hash Tables 09:26

Graphs 08:21
9. Data Structures - II: Linked Lists Operations
3 videos
Introduction to Data Structures 02:32

Operations on Singly Linked List 11:51

Operations on Doubly Linked List 11:17
10. Data Structures - II: Stacks Operations
2 videos
Operations on Stacks: Part 1 23:04

Operations on Stacks: Part 2 06:40
11. Data Structures - II: Tree, Heaps and Graphs Operations
4 videos
Operations on Tree 14:24

Operations on Heaps: Part 1 11:55

Operations on Heaps: part 2 13:58

Operations on Graphs 24:28
12. Data Structures - III: Arrays and Linked List Implementation
4 videos
Arrays Implementation 14:28

Multi Dimensional Array Implementation 18:09

Singly Linked Lists Implementation 34:25

Doubly Linked List Implementation 24:45
13. Data Structures - III: Stacks and Queues Implementation
6 videos
Stacks - as Arrays Implementation 08:04

Stacks - as Linked Lists Implementation 11:31

Queue - as Arrays Implementation 14:29

Queue - as Linked Lists Implementation 18:38

Circular Queue Implementation 09:21

Priority Queue Implementation 12:37
14. Data Structures - III: Trees, Heaps and Graphs Implementation
4 videos
Tree Implementation 15:47

Binary Search Tree Implementation 30:53

Heap Implementation 18:43

Graph Implementation 19:23