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Career Builder: Real-World Applications of Data Structures-3

Learn how to use Data Structures in real-world applications. This course will help you take your understanding and implementation of coding to new heights

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About the Topic:

"Smart data structures and dumb code work way better than the other way around" say many great coding geeks.

Data structure refers to the way data is stored, and organized in computer systems. Computers need data to thrive and wherever data exists, it must have some kind of data structure. Use of appropriate data structures positively influences the efficiency of computer systems by enhancing the ability of the computer to store and retrieve data from any location in its memory. Naturally, top coders are masters of data structures.

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About the Course:

By subscribing to the first two courses in this series(check Prerequisites given below), you will become aware of the importance of Data Structures, which areas they are put into practice, and how to implement various Data Structures using code. In this course on Data Structures, you will learn about the various real-world applications of different Data Structures and how to write programming code for these applications. By the end of this course series, you will gain the requisite knowledge in Data Structures for embarking on a career in the software industry.

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Pre-requisites and Target Audience:

Before taking up this course, you might want subscribe to the first 2 courses in this series: A complete Introduction to Data Structures - 1 and Career Builder: Coding Implementation on Data Structures - 2

Course Plan

1. Arrays and Linked List
6 videos
Multi-dimensional Array Implementation 18:09

Singly Linked Lists Implementation- Insert 18:17

Singly Linked Lists Implementation- Delete 16:39

Doubly Linked List Implementation-Insert 13:09

Doubly Linked List Implementation-Delete 11:36
2. Stacks and Queues
6 videos
Stacks - as Arrays Implementation 08:04

Stacks - as Linked Lists Implementation 11:31

Queue - as Arrays Implementation 14:29

Queue - as Linked Lists Implementation 18:38

Circular Queue Implementation 09:21

3. Trees, Heaps and Graphs
4 videos
Tree Implementation 15:47

Binary Search Tree Implementation - I 30:53

Binary Search Tree Implementation - II 18:43

Heap Implementation 19:23