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Career Builder: A Complete Introduction to Data Structures-1

Learn Data Structures and gain confidence for your software interviews and technical rounds. Subscribing to this course will help you in building a great software career.

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Course Introduction:

"Smart Data Structures and dumb code work way better than the other way around" say many a great coding geeks. Data Structure refers to the way Data is stored, and organized in computer systems. Computers need Data to thrive and wherever Data exists, it must have some kind of Data Structure. Use of appropriate Data Structures positively influences the efficiency of computer systems by enhancing the ability of the computer to store and retrieve Data from any location in its memory. There are various Data Structures, each one suited to certain types of computer applications and tasks.

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Course Objectives:

By subscribing to this course, you will:

  • Be familiar with different types of Data Structures.
  • Know Data Structure's theoretical implementation.
  • Be familiar with the real-time usage of Data Structures.

Pre-requisites and Target Audience:

This course on Data Structures is equally beneficial for entry level software professionals who are looking to build a strong foundation on the concepts of the subject. A clear understanding of these concepts is sure to help in building one's software career.

While the course is beginner-friendly, in order to gain the maximum benefits from this course, a sound knowledge of the basics of the C language is necessary.

Course Plan

1. Introduction
1 video
What is this course about? 01:20
2. Arrays and Linked Lists
4 videos
Arrays 10:18

Multi - Dimensional Arrays 10:29

Singly Linked Lists 08:00

Doubly Linked Lists 09:25
3. Stacks and Queues
4 videos
Stack 04:26

Queues 04:13

Circular Queue 07:34

Priority Queue 04:23
4. Trees and Heaps
4 videos
Trees 07:33

Binary Search Trees 07:12

Heaps 10:13
5. Hashes and Graphs
2 videos
Hash Tables 09:26

Graphs 08:21
6. Assessment
 · 1 test
Test 13:10