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Career Builder: Coding Implementation on Data Structures-2

Implement Data Structures using C++ and get a definitive edge in a career in the software industry by subscribing to this second course in Career Builder series on Data Structures.

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Course Introduction:

In simple terms, Data Structures can be defined as a way of simultaneously organizing data that considers the items stored and also their relationship to each other. Advanced knowledge about Data Structures helps programmers in designing efficient algorithms for the storage, creation and manipulation of data. This course is a sequel to the course on Programming Essentials: Introduction to Data Structures.

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Course Objectives:

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand implementing theoretical data structures using code.
  • To handle data stored in the memory in an organized manner.
  • To compute the fastest means of accessing memory and drives in the system.
  • Become a more efficient developer.

Pre-requisites and Target Audience:

As a prerequisite for this advanced tutorial on Data Structures, you must become familiar with the basics taught in the previous course. By going through this course, you will build important skills that will help you perform well in your career as a software engineer.

Course Plan

1. Linked lists
3 videos
Introduction to Data Structures 02:32

Operations on Doubly linked list 11:17
2. Stacks
2 videos
Operations on Stacks: Part 1 23:04

Operations on Stacks: Part 2 06:41
3. Trees, Heaps and Graphs
4 videos  · 2 tests
Operations on Tree 14:24

Operations on Heaps: Part 1 06:55

Operations on Heaps: Part 2 13:58

Operations on Graphs 24:28

Test-1 05:00

Test-2 10:00