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Android App Development: Learn Android by building a Powerful App

Learn Android Development concepts right from scratch and implement them, by building an app which uses all of Android's important capabilities.

1 year access
Course Introduction:

The aim of this course is to provide the perfect start to an individual fascinated by the idea of building amazing Android applications. The concepts involved are discussed right from scratch, making this a beginner friendly Android tutorial. This course will also be beneficial for entry level Android developers with a basic programming background who are looking to expand their know-how. The focus of this course is to teach the practical aspects of Android Programming,

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Course Objectives

Through this course, you will learn many Android App development essentials in a detailed manner including:

  • Installing Android Studio and Java Development Kit
  • Understanding Project Structure and Developing your first Android App
  • Android fundamentals such as Activities, Intents, Resources, Permissions and Debugging
  • User Interface and Controls which include developing lists, buttons, themes, etc.

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Pre-requisites and Target Audience:

This course on Android App Development has been designed for:Programmers looking take their first step in the world of App DevelopmentDevelopers aiming at enhancing their skills in the field of Android Application DevelopmentAnyone who has a keen interest in Android App Development

Course Plan

1. Android App Fundamentals
6 videos
Introduction to Android 09:41

Getting Started: Installing Android Studio and JDK 07:20

Understanding Activities and Intents 34:51

Resources, Permissions and Debugging: Part 1 15:55

Resources, Permissions and Debugging: Part 2 21:55
2. User Interface and Controls
4 videos
Understanding Lists and List Activity 21:16

Working with UI Design Form and Button 20:38

Themes and Material Design: Part 1 16:18

Themes and Material Design: Part 2 21:40
3. Features: Notifications
4 videos
Incorporating Notifications and Toast 27:45

Incorporating Options and Context Menu 34:12

Incorporating Progress Dialog Update 28:54

Incorporating Custom Dialog 28:57
4. Audio, Video, Camera, Email
4 videos
Working with Audio player 14:37

Working with Video player 13:14

Handling Camera and Images 09:09

Working with Email 11:12
5. Shared Prefs, SQLite, Content Providers
3 videos
Including Shared Prefs 10:48

Integrating SQLite Database 19:24

Integrating Content Providers Contact 11:51
6. GPS and Location
1 video
Adding GPS and Location 15:24
7. Home Screen Widgets
2 videos
Creating Home Screen Widgets 20:57

8. Conclusion and Publishing your App
3 videos
Custom List Menu, Supporting Multiple Screens and Finishing Material 36:44

Signing and Publishing your App 17:17

Conclusion 03:18