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Career Builder: Introduction to HTML Concepts

Want to learn HTML from scratch but don't know where to start? With this beginner-friendly course, you can get started with building basic web pages in just minutes!

1 year access

Course Introduction:

HTML, arguably the most widely used computer programming language of all time, has changed the course of human history. In this hyper-connected world, filled and driven by information, HTML has, to a greater extent, contributed to making the Internet what it is today. From personal blogs to billion dollar Internet companies, HTML has been used to create web pages of all scales and complexities.

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Course Overview:

The course aims to help you build a strong foundation in HTML by clearly and comprehensively explaining the basic concepts of web programming, website structure and basic HTML tags.

It starts with explaining the basic HTML Tags and Elements, which make up the core of any HTML webpage, and then moves on to more complex concepts such as Images, Lists, Frames and Tables - with hands-on examples and illustrations.

Pre-requisites and Target Audience:

As this course is tailored for beginners to web programming, one does not require any prior knowledge in HTML programming or any other form of web programming to make the best use of this course. However, a basic idea of how websites are structured and an exposure to the logic followed in computer programming can improve the pace at which this course is completed.

Course Plan

1. Introduction to HTML
4 videos
HTML Basic Tags and Elements 08:11

HTML Form Elements 14:21

HTML5 Form Elements 07:16
2. HTML Images and Block elements
5 videos
HTML Images 02:06

HTML Images Example 10:22

HTML Links 01:28

HTML Block Elements 1 04:33

3. HTML Composites
3 videos
HTML attributes and formatting elements 07:02

HTML Attributes Example 07:04

HTML Quotations and Code Elements 05:41
4. HTML Structuring
3 videos
HTML Lists 06:53

HTML Tables 10:17

HTML Frames 04:02