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Logical Reasoning for Campus Placement Tests

A must-take for job aspirants, this course contains exclusive shortcuts, quick formulae, wonderfully explained concepts and solutions to frequently asked logical reasoning questions in placement tests.

1 year access

About the Topic:

Most placement tests contain three broad sections: Quantitative Aptitude, Verbal Ability and Logical Reasoning. While job aspirants have well-laid plans to prepare for the first two sections, it is the third section, Logical Reasoning which takes a backseat. Why? This is because a lot of aspirants find this section to be the easier among the three and therefore "manageable". While it is true that clarity of thought and mere common sense can help anyone crack most aptitude tests, ignoring this section while preparing might prove to be a costly mistake.

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Course Objectives

This course on Logical Reasoning for Placements is all about understanding the logic and the shortcuts of topics such as Series, Coding and Decoding, Data Arrangements, Blood Relations, etc. By subscribing to this course and spending about 4 hours learning and assimilating the lessons in the course, you are setting yourself for success for placements.

  • What are you to gain from this course?
  • Over 4 hours of high quality content.
  • A complete understanding of all the concepts and shortcuts (mostly exclusive) related to Logical Reasoning questions, in order to solve them with better speed and accuracy.
  • Detailed logic behind the concepts and formulae using demonstrations; shortcuts, tips and tricks for problem solving; and solved examples designed to help you crack any campus recruitment test.

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Pre-requisites and Target Audience:

There are no prerequisites to this beginner's course. It has specifically been created for college students appearing for campus placements. You might also be interested in cracking the Quantitative Aptitude Section for placements

Course Plan

1. Getting Started
1 video
2. Patterns: Series
1 video
The concept of series and solved problems 11:59
3. Patterns: Coding and Decoding
1 video
The concept of coding and decoding 11:34
4. Patterns: Analogy
1 video
The concept of Analogy and solved problems 06:43
5. Patterns: Odd Man Out
1 video
The concept of odd man out and its problems 17:37
6. Patterns: Visual Reasoning
2 videos
The Concept of Visual reasoning 24:03

Solved Problems 16:34
7. Patterns: Calenders
2 videos
The concept of odd days 12:38

Solved problems 05:44
8. Patterns: Clocks
2 videos
Solved problems 07:30
9. Arrangements: Data Arrangements
3 videos
The concept of Data Arrangement 01:23

Solved Problems - Part 1 06:40

Solved Problems - Part 2 12:41
10. Arrangements: Blood Relations
1 video
The Concept of Blood Relations and solved problems 08:09
11. Arrangements: Direction Sense
1 video
The Concept of Direction sense and solved problems 07:46
12. Arrangements: Cubes
3 videos
The Concept of solving cubes 02:55

Types of Cube problems 08:43

Solved Problems 05:37
13. Reasoning: Data Sufficiency
2 videos
The Concept of data sufficiency 06:07

Solved Problems 10:27
14. Reasoning: Venn Diagrams
1 video
The concept of Venn Diagrams and solved questions 12:02
15. Reasoning: Syllogism
2 videos
The concept of Syllogism 15:52

Solved Problems 11:04
16. Test
 · 1 test
Assessment 15:00