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Placement Aptitude Complete Preparation Guide 2018

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Introduction to Course

The first stage in every company's recruitment process is the most dreaded stage, the Aptitude Test. The Aptitude Test is conducted irrespective of which field you want to work in - Finance, Marketing, Statistics, Engineering, Analytics, etc. Most companies screen out the majority of candidates on the basis of their performance in this test. A typical aptitude test, irrespective of whether it is conducted on-campus or off-campus, consists of three sections - Quantitative Aptitude (Quants), Verbal Aptitude, and Logical Reasoning. The Quants section is believed to be the toughest, while the Verbal Aptitude section poses a challenge for candidates who speak English, as well as those who don't. The section on Logical Reasoning is comparably easy to ace, which in turn, raises the level of competition in the Aptitude Test.

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Course Objectives

By the end of this course you will know:

  • How to approach a wide range of Quantitative Aptitude topics by going through highly interesting and effective practical demonstrations shown in the course.
  • How to quickly solve a wide range of commonly asked problems across important Quantitative Aptitude topics.
  • You will learn tons of important tips and strategies that will help you prepare better, increase your confidence while answering the Verbal Ability section, and get higher scores in the recruitment test.
  • A complete understanding of all the concepts and shortcuts related to Logical Reasoning questions, in order to solve them with better speed and accuracy.

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Pre-requisites and Target Audience

This course is specially designed for every college student who is appearing for Campus Placements and is determined to land a job. Do not worry about getting placed during the recruitment season anymore! Come join the lakhs of students who have aced Placement Aptitude Tests, now!

Course Plan

A Quantitative Aptitude
4hrs 13mins
Watch Demo
28 videos  · 1 test
The best comprehensive Quantitative aptitude section which helps you solve problems faster and accurate
1. Introduction to Course
Get over the Fear of Quants 02:45
2. Percentages
Concept of Percentages 08:44

Calculating Percentage of Decimal numbers 08:52

Solved Problems 18:15
3. Averages
The Concept of Averages 07:01

Solved Problems 09:02
4. Ratios
The Concept of Ratios 03:11

Solved Problems 02:22
5. Equations
The Concept Of Equations 07:57

Solved Problems 11:44
6. Permutation and Combination
The Concept of Permutation and Combination 11:46

Solved Problems 06:44
7. Probability
Solved Problems 04:53
8. Geometry
The Concept of Geometry 18:43

9. Logarithms
The Concept of Logarithms 06:27

Solved Problems 02:12
10. Patterns
How to tackle questions 08:43

Solved Problems 06:17
11. Shortcut Strategies: Assumption
How Assumptions work 06:51

The Chocolate Method 07:21

Solved Problems 12:23
12. Shortcut Strategies: Bottom Up
How Bottom up works 07:44

Solved Problems 10:50
13. Shortcut Strategies: SpyCam
How SpyCam works 07:01

Solved Problems 08:28
14. Assessment of Knowledge
Test 10:00
B Logical Reasoning
3hrs 49mins
Watch Demo
23 videos  · 1 test
Understand the Logical reasoning section with the real time demonstrations
1. Getting Started
Introduction to Course 01:58
2. Patterns: Series
The concept of series and solved problems 11:59
3. Patterns: Coding and Decoding
The concept of coding and decoding 11:34
4. Patterns: Analogy
The concept of Analogy and solved problems 06:43
5. Patterns: Odd Man Out
The concept of odd man out and its problems 17:37
6. Patterns: Visual Reasoning
The Concept of Visual reasoning & Solved Problems 24:03
7. Patterns: Calenders
Solved problems 05:44
8. Patterns: Clocks
Solved problems 07:30
9. Arrangements: Data Arrangements
The concept of Data Arrangement 01:23

Solved Problems - Part 1 06:40

10. Arrangements: Blood Relations
The Concept of Blood Relations and solved problems 08:09
11. Arrangements: Direction Sense
The Concept of Direction sense and solved problems 07:46
12. Arrangements: Cubes
The Concept of solving cubes 02:55

Types of Cube problems 08:43

Solved Problems 05:37
13. Reasoning: Data Sufficiency
The Concept of data sufficiency 06:07

Solved Problems 10:27
14. Reasoning: Venn Diagrams
The concept of Venn Diagrams and solved questions 12:02
15. Reasoning: Syllogism
The concept of Syllogism 15:52

Solved Problems 11:04
16. Test
Assessment 15:00
C Verbal Aptitude
4hrs 14mins
Watch Demo
64 videos  · 2 tests
This section helps you in comprehending the tough sections in an easier way
1. Introduction
Introduction to the course on Verbal Ability 02:10
2. Pre-Assessment Test
Test 1 15:00
3. Reading Comprehension
Introduction to Reading Comprehension 16:50

RC passage-1: Question-2 02:47

RC passage-1: Question-3 01:35

RC passage-1: Question-4 02:16

RC passage-1: Question-5 03:02

RC passage-2: Question-1 07:13

RC passage-2: Question-2 01:05

RC passage-2: Question-3 01:56

RC passage-2: Question-4 01:39
4. Para-Jumbles
The concept of Para-Jumbles 13:04

Para-Jumbles: Question-1 03:21

Para-Jumbles: Question-2 00:53

Para-Jumbles: Question-3 02:25
5. Sentence Completion
The concept of Sentence Completion 19:25

Sentence Completion: Question-1 01:55

Sentence Completion: Question-2 01:28

Sentence Completion: Question-3 06:59
6. Sentence Correction
Introduction to sentence correction 02:17

Articles 07:47

Comparison Error 02:17

Determiners 03:13

Modifier Error 07:34

Parallelism Error 03:03

Prepositional Error 08:22

Pronoun Antecedent Agreement Error 05:14

Subject-Verb agreement Error 08:42

Verb-Time Sequence Error 02:19

Sentence Correction: Question 1 03:04

Sentence Correction: Question 2 01:27

Sentence Correction: Question 3 01:13

Sentence Correction: Question 4 00:52

Sentence Correction: Question 5 00:55

Sentence Correction: Question 6 01:29

Sentence Correction: Question 7 01:15

Sentence Correction: Question 8 01:19

Sentence Correction: Question 9 01:30

Sentence Correction: Question 10 02:04

Sentence Correction: Question 11 02:02
7. Vocabulary
Introduction to Vocabulary 14:31

Vocabulary: Question-1 01:26

Vocabulary: Question-2 01:24

Vocabulary: Question-3 00:59

Vocabulary: Question-4 00:57

Vocabulary: Question-5 00:36

Vocabulary: Question-6 01:26

Vocabulary: Question-7 01:13

Vocabulary: Question-8 03:10

Vocabulary: Question-9 01:58

Vocabulary: Question-10 01:53

Vocabulary: Question-11 02:06

Vocabulary: Question-12 02:35

Vocabulary: Question-13 00:44

Vocabulary: Question-14 02:29

Vocabulary: Question-15 00:49

Vocabulary: Question-16 01:44

Vocabulary: Question-17 01:24

Vocabulary: Question-18 01:04

Vocabulary: Question-19 03:29
8. Critical Reasoning
Critical Reasoning 03:02

Critical Reasoning: Question-1 03:25

Critical Reasoning: Question-2 01:01

Critical Reasoning: Question-3 01:58
9. Post Assesment Test
Test 2 15:00