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Placement Aptitude: Last Minute Refresher

A must-take for job aspirants, this course contains all the important points to remember under each topic and solutions to frequently asked aptitude questions in placement tests.

1 year access
Introduction to the Course

The Aptitude Test is the first out of many rounds in every placement drive. The majority of candidates are screened out during this round. As you already know, all Aptitude Tests consist of three sections, i.e., Quantitative Aptitude, Verbal Aptitude and Logical Reasoning. After having invested your time and efforts for the past few weeks into learning the basics, important concepts, and tricks on how to solve each type of question under every section, your mind might be cluttered with an overdose of information. This course will reinforce all the important concepts and tricks that you have already learnt in all the three sections for the Aptitude Test. However, if you haven't yet started preparing for placements, and have knowledge of the basic concepts of these sections, this is just the course that you need to get you geared for the upcoming placement season.

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Course Objectives

This course is all about helping you to refresh your memory on the key concepts that are required to crack every section in all Placement Aptitude Tests.

What will you gain from this course?

  • How to apply more than 20 aptitude concepts across Quantitative Aptitude, Verbal Aptitude, and Logical Reasoning.
  • How to solve more than 100 types of commonly asked questions, by numerous companies across all the topics asked in Aptitude Tests.
  • An understanding of the approaches and important formulae to help you solve problems based on aptitude with accuracy.
  • Techniques to help you solve problems asked in Aptitude Tests much faster.

Who is this course for?

If you need a quick revision on all the concepts and techniques that you learnt during your placement training program, and want to ace the Placement Aptitude Tests this year, this course is definitely designed for you.

In case you are looking for a detailed course on Aptitude Tests, you might be interested in our Placement Aptitude Complete Preparation Guide 2016.

Course Plan

A Quantitative Aptitude
2hrs 23mins
Watch Demo
14 videos
Revise the most important Quantitative aptitude section and increase your problem solving ability
1. Numbers
Concepts 13:09

Solved Examples 06:02
2. Ratio and Proportion
Concepts 10:10

Solved Examples 06:22
3. Percentages
Concepts 17:03

Solved Examples 04:07
4. Time and Work
Solved Examples 05:45
5. Time Speed and Distance
Concepts 13:16

Solved Examples 06:40
6. Profit and Loss
Concepts 15:04

Solved Examples 08:57
7. Permutation Combination and Probability
Concepts 12:12

Solved Examples 06:30
B Verbal Aptitude
1hr 49mins
Watch Demo
19 videos
Strengthen your vocabulary and English skills and crackyour verbal ability section easily
1. Articles
Concepts 08:08

Solved Examples 04:02
2. Prepositions and Question Tags
Prepositions 09:40

Solved Examples 03:31

Question Tags 02:05

Solved Examples 02:17
3. Sentence Correction
Concepts 10:02

4. Reading Comprehension
Concepts 03:42

Solved Examples 03:02
5. Sentence Completion and Para-jumbles
Sentence Completion 04:25

Para-jumbles 05:06

Solved Examples 04:49
6. Vocabulary
Concepts 11:42

Solved Examples 02:41
7. Critical Reasoning
Concepts 11:40

Solved Examples 05:12
8. Voices and Forms of Speech
Concepts 08:02

Solved Examples 04:25
C Logical Reasoning
1hr 26mins
Watch Demo
15 videos
Increase your reasoning skills by learning the most important topics in the logical reasoning section
1. Coding and Decoding
Concepts 12:36

Solved Examples 04:42
2. Data Arrangement
Solved Examples 05:14
3. Data Interpretation and Data Sufficiency
Data Interpretation 03:31

Data Sufficiency 02:53

Solved Examples 03:38
4. Clocks and Calendars
Concepts 12:01

Solved Examples 05:59
5. Directions and Cubes
Concepts 06:45

Solved Examples 02:51
6. Logical Connectives and Syllogisms
Logical Connectives 04:16

Solved Examples 02:42

Syllogisms 07:01

Solved Examples 02:50