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Aptitude Simplified: How to effortlessly crack the Quantitative Aptitude Section for placements

Move away from the fear of clearing aptitude exams to solving a lot of questions in very less time by subscribing to this course.

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About the Topic:

This course focuses only on the most vital section of the recruitment process - the dreaded Aptitude Section. This course has been carefully designed and developed by Focus Academy for Career Enhancement (FACE), India's largest skill development organization. Insights that have been received from 6 years of research, experimentation and tweaking have gone into the making of the course. With the practical demonstrations and real time examples, this course will definitely get the best out of you in your interview.

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Course Objectives

This Quantitative Aptitude Online Tutorial will enable you to crack one of the most important rounds of placements, the Aptitude round, and in particular, the Quantitative Aptitude section. While this section might scare a lot of job aspirants, the good news is that through sufficient preparation and knowledge of test-taking strategies, one can ace this round even without prior expertise.

  • The Quantitative Aptitude section in particular forms an important part of the Aptitude round. The sections that are commonly quizzed on in this section include Time and Work, Numbers, Permutations and Combinations, Time Speed and Distance, Percentages, Ratios and Proportions, Profit and Loss, and Geometry. Contrary to popular belief, one does not have to be great at Mathematics (while it does help) to ace this section. Most organizations test the aspirants' ability to draw logic and solve problems. This course is designed to get you up to speed with various concepts involved in the Quantitative Aptitude paper. In particular, by subscribing to this course, you will learn:
  • How to approach a wide range of Quantitative Aptitude topics by going through highly interesting and effective practical demonstrations shown in the course.
  • How to quickly solve a wide range of commonly asked problems across important Quantitative aptitude topics.
  • Test taking strategies, a variety of shortcuts, thought processes and approaches to spend less time and effectively increase the number of questions answered during the Aptitude round.

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Pre-requisites and Target Audience:

To subscribe to this course, all you need is dedication and enthusiasm to learn and thoroughly practice what is shared in the course lectures. This course is especially beneficial to college students appearing for placements. Do not worry about getting placed during the recruitment season, Come and Join the lakhs of students who have aced the placement exams.

Course Plan

1. Introduction to Course
1 video
Get over the Fear of Quants 02:45
2. Percentages
4 videos
Concept of Percentages 08:44

The Increase - Decrease Concept 06:00

Solved Problems 18:15
3. Averages
2 videos
The Concept of Averages 07:01

Solved Problems 09:02
4. Ratios
2 videos
The Concept of Ratios 03:11

Solved Problems 02:22
5. Equations
2 videos
The Concept Of Equations 07:57

Solved Problems 11:44
6. Permutation and Combination
2 videos
The Concept of Permutation and Combination 11:46

Solved Problems 06:44
7. Probability
2 videos
The Concept of Probability 07:40

Solved Problems 04:53
8. Geometry
2 videos
The Concept of Geometry 18:43

9. Logarithms
2 videos
The Concept of Logarithms 06:27

Solved Problems 02:12
10. Patterns
2 videos
How to tackle questions 08:43

Solved Problems 06:17
11. Shortcut Strategies: Assumption
3 videos
How Assumptions work 06:51

The Chocolate Method 07:21

Solved Problems 12:23
12. Shortcut Strategies: Bottom Up
2 videos
How Bottom up works 07:44

Solved Problems 10:50
13. Shortcut Strategies: SpyCam
2 videos
How SpyCam works 07:01

Solved Problems 08:28
14. Assessment of Knowledge
 · 1 test
Test 10:00