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Career Builder: Introduction to Rapid Algorithms (Part I)

A beginner's course on Data Algorithms for students exploring the potential of Data Science or IT professionals who have experienced the need for learning Data Algorithms.

1 year access

Course Introduction:

As more career opportunities in the field of Data Science have been springing up in recent times, there is an increasing demand for IT professionals who are capable of developing algorithms for searching, retrieving and processing data. These algorithms are, in fact, mandatory for Data Scientists and Software Engineers who work with large-scale databases.

For a more advanced course on Data Algorithms, check this course out.

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Course Overview:

This course has been structured based on the requirements of any beginner to Data Algorithms. It starts with answering what Algorithms are and moves on to explain the concept of Recursive Algorithms, the understanding of which is essential for developing scalable and efficient algorithms. You will also learn the following:

  • 6 Sorting Algorithms including Bubble sort, Merge sort and Bucket sort
  • The method of Dividing and Conquering
  • The method of Backtracking
  • Problems such as N Queen problem and Subset Sum problem

Pre-requisites and Target Audience:

A basic understanding of Data Structures is essential to effectively use this course. It is also advised to practice the examples used in the course. Hence, you will need proficiency in using any of the following programming languages:

  • C++
  • C#
  • Java
  • Python

Course Plan

1. Analyzing Algorithms
4 videos
What are Algorithms 04:26

Analysis of Algorithms - Part 2 07:19

Analysis of Recursive Algorithms 06:42
2. Sorting Algorithms
7 videos
What is Sorting 02:06

Bubble Sort 04:21

Selection Sort 04:20

Insertion Sort 05:32

Merge Sort 09:28

Quick Sort 07:19

3. Divide and Conquer Method
2 videos
What is Divide and Conquer 06:36

Finding Median of two Sorted Arrays 17:55
4. Backtracking Method
4 videos
What is Backtracking? 03:04

N Queen Problem 10:04

Printing all permutation of a given String 04:29

Subset Sum Problem 10:23