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Ruby on Rails: Comprehensive Guide for Beginners

Learn one of the most sought after skills in the market today and enrich your technical profile by subscribing to this comprehensive Ruby on Rails Tutorial.

1 year access
Course Introduction:

Rails commonly known Ruby on Rail's is a Web Application Framework written in Ruby. Released as an open source framework in July 2004 by David Hansson, it has gained prominence and widespread adoption since its release owing to its effectiveness and ease of learning. The fact that many of the biggest internet companies in the world have built their websites on Ruby on Rails bears testimony to its capabilities. With this skill fetching the highest paying programming jobs in the world and a beginner friendly Rails community supporting new programmers, Ruby on Rails has become popular among experienced and budding programmers.

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Course Objectives

At the end of the course, you will:

  • Have mastered all the necessary concepts of Ruby on Rails.
  • Understand the best practices in Programming.
  • Be able to build your own applications and websites.
  • Add a skill coveted in the industry to your kitty, which might open doors of exciting opportunities.

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Pre-requisites and Target Audience:

If you wish to develop Web Applications with Ruby on Rails and to gain broad foundation in technology, this is the course for you.There are no prerequisites. Ruby on Rails is in itself beginner friendly and the course has been designed to further simplify your learning process. Happy learning!

Course Plan

1. What is Ruby on Rails
3 videos
Why use Rails 01:30

MVC Architecture 00:59
2. Installing Ruby on Rails
5 videos
Install Ruby 05:56

Install DevKit 04:11

Ruby Gems 01:47

Install Rails 04:01

Install MySql and MySql RubyGem 02:32
3. Getting Started
3 videos
Creating Project and Bundler 14:25

Generating Controller and Server Requests 13:36

Server Requests and Routes 09:40
4. Controllers, Views and Dynamic Content
6 videos
Rendering Templates 07:41

Redirect Actions 06:01

View Templates 05:11

Instance Variables 03:49

Links using HTML and Ruby 08:08

URL with Parameters 08:44
5. Databases and Migrations
4 videos
Configure Project and Rake 04:38

Creating and Running Migrations 19:58

Creating model and migrations with example 07:51
6. Models, Active Record and Active Relation
3 videos
Rails Console 05:34

Updating, Deleting and Finding Records 30:41
7. Controllers and CRUDS
3 videos
CRUD- Creating and Reading 16:31

CRUD- Show and New 27:56

CRUD- Create, Update and Delete 17:11
8. Layouts, Partials and View Helpers
3 videos
Layouts and Partials - Part 1 05:09

Layouts and Partials - Part 2 11:44

Text Helpers 19:47
9. Assets
3 videos
Asset Pipeline and CSS Style Sheets 14:20

JavaScripts 14:55

Images 05:00