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Sentence Correction for Competitive Exams and Campus Placement Tests

This course will help you easily crack sentence correction related questions that appear in various competitive exams and placement tests by teaching you 8 common error types.

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About the Topic:

"The attractiveness of correct grammar cannot be overstated"

Grammar constitutes the heart of the most widespread language in the world, ENGLISH. A good command of English, which is correlated to the correctness of a person's grammar, is known to enhance Career prospects and growth of a professional to a large extent. Naturally, this skill of an individual is tested in the Verbal section of Competitive exams and Placement tests in the form of Sentence Correction questions.

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Course Objectives:

In this Sentence correction course, you will learn how to identify the most common Grammar errors and correct them accordingly. You will get started with a Pre-Assessment test to check your current level. Post the initial test, comprehensive video tutorials will help you master standard English grammar rules required to avoid, identify and correct frequently occurring grammar errors. Next, the number of practice questions with solutions included in the course will aid you in enhancing your expertise. Finally, attempting the post assessment test at the end of the course will test your improvement and help you identify concepts which need revision.

Target Audience:

This course is especially designed for people who wish to improve and enhance their skills to ace the Verbal Ability Section in Recruitment Tests and Competitive Exams.

Course Plan

1. Introduction
1 video  · 1 test
Pre - Assessment
2. Types of Errors
8 videos
Determiners 02:40

Subject - Verb Agreement 09:01

Modifiers 07:43

Pronoun - Antecedent Agreement 05:47

Verb - Time Sequence 02:48

Comparison 02:35

Prepositions 06:35
3. Concept Review Questions
5 videos  · 1 test
Review Questions - Part 1 08:07

Review Questions - Part 2 08:18

Review Questions - Part 3 07:07

Review Questions - Part 4 07:03

Review Questions - Part 5 04:54

Post - Assessment