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Verbal Aptitude Cracker: How to effortlessly crack the Verbal Ability Section for placements

Verbal Ability is one section that has tormented students in competitive exams year after year. Join this course to ace this section in your next examination.

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Course Introduction:

Most placement tests contain three broad sections- Quantitative Aptitude, Verbal Ability and Logical Reasoning. The section which proves to be the Achilles heel in particular for many candidates is the Verbal Ability section. There are several reasons behind this. For many undergraduate students, English is not the mother tongue, and hence a certain level of discomfort is observed while using the language. As a result, the extent of their fluency on English language is limited to basic conversation and simple writing. This proves detrimental when it comes to recruitment tests, as a much stronger understanding of the English language is required.

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Course Objectives

By subscribing to this course:

  • You will get access to the complete preparation material on various verbal topics that form an essential part of any Verbal Ability test, like Reading Comprehension, Para-Jumbles, Sentence Completion, Sentence Correction, Analogy and Critical Reasoning.
  • You will learn tons of important tips and strategies that will help you prepare better for the Verbal Ability section and get higher scores in the recruitment test.
  • You will feel much more confident about answering questions in the Verbal section with higher accuracy and in lesser time.

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Target Audience:

This course on Verbal Ability is especially designed for people who wish to acquire and enhance their aptitude skills for clearing campus recruitment tests and job screening tests. What makes this course a must-take for job aspirants is that the entire course is designed and developed by FACE (Focus Academy for Career Enhancement).

Course Plan

1. Introduction
1 video
2. Pre-Assessment Test
 · 1 test
Test 1 15:00
3. Reading Comprehension
10 videos
Introduction to Reading Comprehension 16:50

RC passage-1: Question-2 02:47

RC passage-1: Question-3 01:35

RC passage-1: Question-4 02:16

RC passage-1: Question-5 03:02

RC passage-2: Question-1 07:13

RC passage-2: Question-2 01:05

RC passage-2: Question-3 01:56

RC passage-2: Question-4 01:39
4. Para-Jumbles
4 videos
The concept of Para-Jumbles 13:04

Para-Jumbles: Question-1 03:21

Para-Jumbles: Question-2 00:53

Para-Jumbles: Question-3 02:25
5. Sentence Completion
4 videos
The concept of Sentence Completion 19:25

Sentence Completion: Question-1 01:55

Sentence Completion: Question-2 01:28

Sentence Completion: Question-3 06:59
6. Sentence Correction
21 videos
Introduction to sentence correction 02:17

Articles 07:47

Comparison Error 02:17

Determiners 03:13

Modifier Error 07:34

Parallelism Error 03:03

Prepositional Error 08:22

Pronoun Antecedent Agreement Error 05:14

Subject-Verb agreement Error 08:42

Verb-Time Sequence Error 02:19

Sentence Correction: Question 1 03:04

Sentence Correction: Question 2 01:27

Sentence Correction: Question 3 01:13

Sentence Correction: Question 4 00:52

Sentence Correction: Question 5 00:55

Sentence Correction: Question 6 01:29

Sentence Correction: Question 7 01:15

Sentence Correction: Question 8 01:19

Sentence Correction: Question 9 01:30

Sentence Correction: Question 10 02:04

Sentence Correction: Question 11 02:02
7. Vocabulary
20 videos
Introduction to Vocabulary 14:31

Vocabulary: Question-1 01:26

Vocabulary: Question-2 01:24

Vocabulary: Question-3 00:59

Vocabulary: Question-4 00:57

Vocabulary: Question-5 00:36

Vocabulary: Question-6 01:26

Vocabulary: Question-7 01:13

Vocabulary: Question-8 03:10

Vocabulary: Question-9 01:58

Vocabulary: Question-10 01:53

Vocabulary: Question-11 02:06

Vocabulary: Question-12 02:35

Vocabulary: Question-13 00:44

Vocabulary: Question-14 02:29

Vocabulary: Question-15 00:49

Vocabulary: Question-16 01:44

Vocabulary: Question-17 01:24

Vocabulary: Question-18 01:04

Vocabulary: Question-19 03:29
8. Critical Reasoning
4 videos
Critical Reasoning 03:02

Critical Reasoning: Question-1 03:25

Critical Reasoning: Question-2 01:01

Critical Reasoning: Question-3 01:58
9. Post Assesment Test
 · 1 test
Test 2 15:00