Mindtree Interview Questions for Freshers | Mindtree Interview Process

Mindtree is one of the leading companies in its domain and is widely being recognized as one of the top companies in the B2B field. To cope up industry expectations, Mindtree looks to hire suitable candidates that are minds (read talented), and the Mindtree interview process acts as a filter for the same. Mindtree interview questions for freshers look to pull out the potential of the candidates. Check out the new MindTree Recruitment Process here.

Mindtree interview Questions generally revolve around the topics surrounding your background. There are 2 sets of interviews;

Mindtree Technical Interview

The MindTree technical interview questions vary depending on the background of the candidate. Refreshing subjects from as early as your first year might be prudent as the detailed Mindtree interview questions will usually revolve around the subjects depending upon on the branch of the respective candidates. In general, the following general topics are asked of candidates.

  • Data Structures
  • Algorithms and Logic
  • Files and Storage
  • Operators and Processors
  • Database management systems
  • Networks and Connections
  • Coding Problems

The trick to cracking any technical interview is to stay calm under pressure, and have a cool head on your shoulders. It is okay to say I don’t know to a question rather than cooking up a story that will waste the interviewers time. Stay calm, stay cool, and be thorough.

Check out free sample questions for Mindtree:

Mindtree HR Interview

The MindTree HR interview questions usually revolve around the personality and history of the candidate. The questions will always vary depending on the panel, but a few of the common topics are;

1) Background

2) Family

3) Hobbies and Passions

4) Strengths and Weaknesses

5) Achievements

There is no ‘cracking’ an HR interview per se. The goal of an HR interview is to get to know you and to ascertain whether everything mentioned on your resume is true or not. It also serves a goal for the panel to check whether the candidate will be a good cultural fit for the company.

MindTree Interview Questions and Experiences

Take a look at a few interview experiences;

1) Vikash – Selected  
PESIT, 4th year (ECE) 

After the written test, I was selected for the interview round.

My interviewer asked me 4 questions and also asked me to code all of them after discussing the solution.

  • The first question was about sorting in a 2D array.
  • The second question was to about the functions of a binary tree.
  • The third question was similar to the second question (they requested a further explanation in detail about my answer), the interviewer thought of the question because of my answer, but because I knew the concept properly, that question wasn’t a problem for me.
  • The final question was to about linked list. 
  • The interviewer gave me a problem and asked me to explain the logic. Once that was done, he asked me to write the logic (in code) for the same.

After that, I moved on to the HR interview. The HR interview was very easy. The interviewers made me feel comfortable, and it was a general discussion about my family and my hobbies. They also enquired about my location preference. My HR interview was relatively short, it was over in less than 10 minutes.

2) Anonymous – Selected

There were 2 interviewers for my technical round.

They started off with asking about my project, which was about website development. From there, they asked me a lot of questions about website development, out of which I think I answered about 70-80% questions correctly. Then they asked me which was my strongest and weakest subjects. After that, they tried to put me under pressure by asking me a lot of questions from my weakest subject (DBMS), but I stayed calm and told them whatever I knew from the basic concepts that I had studied in college. Once they were assured that I knew DMBS, the interview relaxed a little and they asked a few questions about Operating systems and networks, all of which I answered correctly.

Next, I had my HR interview. The HR interview was very relaxed, and not at all stressful like the technical interview was. I had 2 interviewers again, both of whom asked me easy questions about my hobbies and my passions. They also asked me about my parents. In the end, they asked me about my location preference, so I was confident that I had a good chance to get the job, which I eventually did.

Mindtree interview questions serve the purpose of judging the abilities of a candidate, the potential of their harmony within Mindtree. Just stay calm, and be confident in your basics.  Answer questions with certainty, and you’re good to go!

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