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MindTree Logical Reasoning Questions 2019 | FACE Prep

Published on 06 Nov 2019

MindTree has started using the AMCAT Test for their recruitment process, and you can use our free MindTree Logical Reasoning Questions to prepare for the exam. To know more about the career opportunities at MindTree, click here. Aspirants should be aware of the latest Mindtree test pattern and syllabus before attending the recruitment test

MindTree Test Syllabus for 2018

The test consists of the following sections:

  1. Aptitude Test
  2. Logical Reasoning
  3. Verbal/English reasoning
  4. Coding Test

Types of MindTree Logical Reasoning Questions you can expect for MindTree:

TopicsDifficultyExpected No. of Questions
Directional SenseMedium1
Coding deductive logicHard2
Blood RelationMedium1
Objective ReasoningMedium1
Selection decision tablesHard1
Analogy and Classification pattern recognitionMedium2
Coding pattern and Number series pattern recognitionMedium2-3
Data sufficiencyHard3
Logical word sequenceMedium2

Attempt the free MindTree Logical Reasoning Questions down below:

MindTree Logical Reasoning Questions

Mindtree logical reasoning questions - set 1

1. A lady meets a person in the market who is the wife of the brother of her husband. How is the lady related to the person?

  1. Cousin
  2. Sister
  3. Sister-in-law
  4. Nephew

Ans: c

Whenever we solve a blood relation problem, it is much easier if we start tracing the relation from the end of the statement. Starting from the word, "her husband", we can trace it as her husband's brother, who is none other than her brother in law and her brother-in-law's wife is her sister in law.Therefore the answer is sister-in-law.

2. If ‘A x D’ means ‘A is the sister of D’, ‘A + D’ means ‘D is the daughter of A’ and ‘’A ÷ D’ means ‘A is the mother of D’, then how will ‘N is the aunt of M’ be denoted?

  1. M + L x N
  2. M ÷ L + N
  3. L x N ÷M
  4. N x L ÷ M

Ans: d

Here, for N to be the aunt of M, N should be M’s mother’s sister. Therefore between N and another variable, there should be an ‘x’ mark and between the variable and M, there should be a ‘÷’ mark. The only answer which satisfies this is option d, N x L ÷ M

3. Pointing to a man, a lady said, “he is the son of my husband’s daughter”. How is the man related to this lady?

  1. Grandson
  2. Son
  3. Daughter
  4. Father

Ans: a

Trace the statement from the end, “my husband’s daughter”, her husband’s daughter is none other than her daughter. Son of her husband’s daughter is Son of her daughter, who is none other than lady’s daughter’s son, her grandson.

 4. Pointing to a girl, Mihir said, “She is the only daughter of my grandfather’s only child.” How is the girl related to Mihir?

  1. Daughter
  2. Niece
  3. Sister
  4. Data inadequate

Ans: c

To trace the relation, start from “my grandfather’s only child”, that child is none other than my father or mother. “the only daughter of my grandfather’s only child” can be interpreted as the only daughter of my father or mother, who is none other than my sister. So, Mihir should be a boy and the girl should be his sister.

5. Pointing out to a photograph, Swati said, “he is the uncle of my brother’s sister”. How is the person in photograph related to Swati?

  1. Uncle
  2. Father-in-law
  3. Brother
  4. Grand father

Ans: a

To trace the relation, start from “my brother’s sister”, my brother’s sister is none other than my sister. “Uncle of my brother’s sister” is the uncle of my sister, who is none other than my uncle. So the person is Swati’s uncle.

6. A + B means A is the brother of B; A – B means A is the wife of B, and A * B means A is the mother of B. which of the following means M is the brother-in-law of P?

  1. M-N + P
  2. M + N – P
  3. M * N + P
  4. M – P * N

Ans: a

M becomes P’s brother-in-law when P marries M’s brother or sister. To represent the relation (brothers) of M and M’s brother or sister we use ‘+’, which is M + N. Now to represent N and P as a couple, ‘N-P’ is used. Therefore the answer is M + N – P.

7. If WATER is written as ‘YCVGT’, then what is written as ‘HKTG’?

  1. IRFE
  2. FIRE
  3. REFI
  4. ERIF

Ans:  b

Move two letter backward (-2).

8. IF ‘CARING’ is coded as ‘EDVGKC’ and SHARES is coded as ‘UKEPVO’ how will CASKET be coded as in the same code?


Ans: d

Move +2, +3, +4 forward for first 3 letters Move -2, -3, -4 backward for last 3 letters.

9. In a certain code language ‘LIEUTENANT’ is written as 1232212021411420, then how ‘MANGO’ can be written in that code language?

  1. 13114715
  2. 1311474
  3. 14141375
  4. 13114157

Ans: b

Code for Consonant is its place value, and code for vowels are given below A ⇒ 1, E ⇒ 2, I ⇒ 3, O ⇒ 4, U ⇒ 5 Therefore M ⇒ 13, A ⇒ 1, N ⇒ 14, G ⇒ 7, O ⇒ 4.

10. If 1 + 4 = 9, 2 + 8 = 18, 3 + 6 = 15 then 7 + 8 =?

  1. 41
  2. 23
  3. 30
  4. 32

Ans: b

The given logic is as follows, Sum of the digits + second digit = Answer. i.e., 1 +4 = 5 + (5-1) = 9, 2 + 8 = 10 + (10-2) = 18, similarly 7 + 8 = 15 + (15-7) = 23.

Mindtree logical reasoning questions – set 2

11. If A = 1, ACT = 24, then FAT =?

  1. 26
  2. 25
  3. 27
  4. 24

Ans: c

Each alphabet is given a code. A=1, B=2, C=3,. . . . Z = 26. Therefore, FAT = 6 + 1 + 20 = 27.

12. Find the supporting statement.”The Education Secretary said that it was extremely necessary that the professional researchers along with practicing school teachers conduct the practical research”.

  1. Practicing teachers know the techniques of research.
  2. Professional researchers are quite aware of the problems related to the school education.
  3. Education secretary was speaking to the school students.
  4. School education is quite a specialized field and so long as teachers are not trained, the standard of education cannot be qualitatively better.

Ans: d

Elimination of Options:

Option a: The statement says that researchers will work with teaching for practical research. But this option says that Teachers know the researching techniques which are irrelevant.

Option b: Option B is eliminated as the statement does not have any information about the knowledge of problems in school.

Option C: This option is completely irrelevant, as there is no term “Education secretary” in the given statement.

“Option D: Only Option D supports the given statement.

Therefore Option D is the best answer.

13. Declaration of the strike by teachers at the time of paper evaluation has become an incurable disease and a great threat to the government.


  1. Paper evaluation is the most important business of teachers.
  2. Teachers are always in search of an opportunity to get their demands fulfilled.
  3. if only conclusion I follows
  4. if only conclusion II follows
  5. if either I or II follows
  6. if neither I nor II follows
  7. if both I and II follow

Ans: e

Why do teachers declare their strike only at the time of paper evaluation? It can be concluded that paper evaluation is the most important business of teachers. Hence I follow. The phrase incurable disease used in the statement confirms II. Hence II follows.

14. Study the following arrangement carefully and answer the question given below.

B 5 R 1 @ E K 4 F 7 C D A M 2 P 3 % 9 H 1 W 8 * 6 U J $ V Q #

Which of the following is exactly in the middle between 7 and $ in the above arrangement.

  1. 3
  2. %
  3. *
  4. H

Ans: d

We need to find the middle element between 7 and $. There are 17 elements between 7 and $ They are: C D A M 2 P 3 % 9 H 1 W 8 * 6 U J

Therefore, the middle element out of 17 elements will be the element in the 9th position. Here the element in the 9th position is 9. Hence, the correct answer is the option is 4.

15. Kunal walks 10 kilometers north. From there, he walks 6 kilometers towards South. Then, he walks 3 kilometers towards East. How far and in which direction is he with reference to his starting point?

  1. 5 kilometers West
  2. 5 kilometers North-east
  3. 7 kilometers East
  4. 7 kilometers West
  5. 5 kilometer east

Ans: e

16. Ant movers 10 cm towards east and turns to the right-hand moves 3 cm. Then it moves to its right and moved 3 cm. It then turns to his left and moves 2 cm. Finally, it turns to his right and travel’s 7 cm. how far and in which direction it is now from the starting point?

  1. 10 cm, East
  2. 9 cm, North
  3. 8 cm, West
  4. 5 cm, South

Ans: d

Directions for questions: 17 – 20:

Study the following information and answer the questions based on it: A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J are ten persons sitting in waiting hall. J is sitting two table right of F, who is the right side of H. In between E and B two persons are sitting where B is sitting left of G. In between E and J eight persons are sitting. C is sitting immediate right of E and left of B. G is sitting four seats left of J. G and F have two persons in between where one person is I. I is sitting immediate right of G. H is sitting in the seventh seat.

17. Who is sitting to the right of E?

  1. A
  2. B
  3. C
  4. D

Ans: c

From the given clues the arrangement will be as follows: E C (A or D) B G I H F (D or A) J . Therefore, C is sitting to the right of E.

18. Who is sitting at Eighth seat?

  1. C
  2. B
  3. A
  4. F

Ans: d

From the given clues the arrangement will be as follows: E C (A or D) B G I H F (D or A) J. F is at Eighth seat.

19. Which of the following pair of people are sitting at the extreme ends?

  1. E and J
  2. E and D
  3. E and A
  4. E and G

Ans: a

From the given clues the arrangement will be as follows: E C (A or D) B G I H F (D or A) J. So, E and J are at the extreme ends.

20. Who is sitting to the right of A?

  1. F
  2. C
  3. B
  4. Cannot be determined

Ans: d

From the given clues the arrangement will be as follows: E C (A or D) B G I H F (D or A) J. The position of A cannot be determined as there are many arrangements possible.

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