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MindTree Verbal Questions and Answers for Mindtree Verbal Ability Section

Published on 07 Mar 2020

MindTree has started using the AMCAT Test for their recruitment process, and you can use our free MindTree Verbal Questions to prepare for the exam. To know more about the career opportunities at MindTree, click here. Aspirants should be aware of the latest test pattern before attending the Mindtree recruitment test

MindTree Test Syllabus for 2019

The test consists of the following sections:

  1. Aptitude Test
  2. Logical Reasoning
  3. Verbal/English reasoning
  4. Coding test (Amcat Automata Coding Questions)

Types of MindTree Verbal Questions you can expect for MindTree:

MindTree English Syllabus for 2018
Contextual Vocabulary
Error Identification
Sentence Improvement & Construction
Subject-Verb Agreement
Tenses & Articles
Preposition & Conjunctions
Speech & Voices
Reading Comprehension
Inferential and Literal Comprehension
Comprehension ordering

Attempt the free MindTree Verbal Questions down below:

MindTree Verbal Questions

1.Choose a suitable alternative for the underlined word in:

Inspite scoring very high in the exam, Arun failed to secure admission in the college of his choice.

  1. Since
  2. Despite
  3. But
  4. Even
  5. No correction required

Ans: 1

'In spite of' is the correct usage but there is no option mentioning it. 'Despite' is used without any preposition, which is a synonym of 'inspite of'. The only difference between in spite of and despite is the 'of'. For example:

Despite the pain in his leg he completed the marathon. Or In spite of the pain in his leg he completed the marathon. They both mean the same.

2.Spot the part with the error in the following sentence:

A good employee (1)/ is one which (2)/ is always willing (3)/ to go the extra mile. (4)/ No Error (5)

  1. 1
  2. 2
  3. 3
  4. 4
  5. 5

Ans: 2

'Which' should be replaced by the word 'who' as we are talking about a human being and we need subject pronoun in place of 'which'.

A subject pronoun is a pronoun that is used in the position of the subject of a verb. In English, the subject pronouns are I, you, he, she, it, we, they, what, and who.

3.Spot the error in the following sentence:

Through her efforts (1)/ she manage to (2)/ open several institutions to (3)/ help the downtrodden. (4)/ No Error (5)

  1. 1
  2. 2
  3. 3
  4. 4
  5. 5

Ans: 2

'Manage' is incorrect, as it is in the present tense. She 'managed to' is correct because on reading the statement, it can be understood that the action has already happened, therefore past form of the verb should be used.

4.Fill in the blanks with suitable options:

I ______ a friend named Raj who ______ a horse ranch in the city.

  1. has, buys
  2. need, holds
  3. have, owns
  4. got, sells
  5. possess, runs

Ans: 4

Blank 1: Subjects 'I' and 'You' use plural helping verbs in the present tense, here have is the only plural helping verb.

Blank 2: Now the subject of discussion is Raj, which is singular in nature. It requires a singular verb. Singular verbs generally end in s' for example buys, owns, gets etc.

Therefore, Option 4 becomes the valid answer.

5.Fill in the blanks with suitable options:

As night _________in the heights of the mountains, Ramesh could not ________ anything.

  1. fell, see
  2. darkened, view
  3. rose, admire
  4. dove, perceive
  5. became, get

Ans: 1

'Night fell' is the correct idiomatic usage. Also when night falls it becomes dark and there occurs an inability to see things around you. Hence Option 1 is correct.

6.Find the synonym of the word: BLASPHEMOUS

  1. convict
  2. gather
  3. impious
  4. pious

Ans: 3

Blasphemous' is derived from the Greek word 'Blasphemous' which means 'Evil speaking'. So the meaning is irreligious and unholy. So the answer will be option 3 because Impious means godless. Convict means a person declared guilty of an offense. Pious means respect for god so this option serves as a opposite word and you can eliminate it. Gather means to bring together.

7.Find the synonym of the word: BAFFLE

  1. regard
  2. perplex
  3. scorn
  4. smooth

Ans: 2

Baffle' means frustrated with puzzlement. Regard means to show respect, Perplex means to be puzzled and scorn means to reject.

8.Find the synonym of the word: DEFER

  1. indifferent
  2. defy
  3. differ
  4. postpone

Ans: 4

Indifferent means having no particular interest or unconcerned.

Defy means openly resist or refuse to obey.

Differ means to be unlike or dissimilar.

Postpone means to cause or arrange for (something) to take place at a time later than that first scheduled.

Defer means to put off (an action or event) to a later time. So the answer is option d.

9.Find the synonym of the word: GERMINATE

  1. decay
  2. breed
  3. produce
  4. sprout

Ans: 4

Germinate means to begin to grow or to sprout.

Decay means to rot or decompose.

Produce means to manufacture from raw materials.

Sprout means to put out shoots and Breed means to reproduce. So the answer is option d.

10.Find the synonym of the word: CAMOUFLAGE

  1. Aggressive
  2. Deception
  3. Vigilant
  4. Honor

Ans: 2

Camouflage means to disguise (false appearance). Aggressive means to behave in a forceful way, Deception meansactof cheating someone, Vigilant means attentive or watchful and Honor means nobility. So the answer is option b.

11.Spot the part with the error in the following sentence:

Pull it out (A) by (B) its plug, not by the (C) cord, said (D) dad (E) No error.

  1. A
  2. B
  3. C
  4. D
  5. E

Ans: 4

Dad is a name or proper noun and should be capitalized. By is a correct preposition to use here. Its is the correct use of the third-person singular possessive pronoun. The punctuation at the end of the quotation is correct.

12.Spot the part with the error in the following sentence:

(A) Either Lisa or Karen

(B) will always volunteer

(C) their valuable

(D) time to serve on our board.

(E) No error.

  1. A
  2. B
  3. C
  4. D
  5. E

Ans: 3

In the part C, their used is incorrect because it is a plural pronoun, but when we use Either X or Y there are 2 subjects - X and Y. But only the subject after the keyword "OR" should be considered as the subject(Y). So here the subject, "Karen" is a singular subject. So the pronoun should be his/her.

13.Select the option that is most nearly OPPOSITE in meaning to the given word.

The whole town was in AMITY after the disaster stuck.

  1. affection
  2. mercy
  3. malevolence
  4. lenity

Ans: 3

Amity means friendly relations or understanding. Affection means liking towards someone, Mercy means to forgive, Malevolence means unfriendliness and Lenity means being kind. So the opposite word for Amity is option c.

14.Select the option that is most nearly OPPOSITE in meaning to the given word.

After two months of learning the code, he has become much AGILE with the technology.

  1. brisk
  2. bustling
  3. sluggish
  4. nimble

Ans: 3

Agile means graceful. Brisk means active and energetic, bustling means rush, sluggish means depressed and nimble means graceful and quick. So the opposite word is option c.

15.Select the option that is most nearly OPPOSITE in meaning to the given word.

I really love that movie since it was very DREADFUL to watch and I like such movies.

  1. pleasant
  2. atrocious
  3. awful
  4. beastly

Ans: 1

Dreadful means terrible or horrible. Pleasant means pleasing, Atrocious means cruel, Awful means very unpleasant and Beastly means cruel. So the opposite word will be the option a.

16.Fill in the blanks with suitable options :

Pratima and I had gone out for shopping and she liked a dress but had no money. So I had to ______ her some money.

  1. owe
  2. lend
  3. borrow
  4. oblige

Ans: 2

Owe means have an obligation to pay or repay (something, especially money) in return for something received. Lend means grant to (someone) the use of (something) on the understanding that it will be returned. Borrow means take and use (something belonging to someone else) with the intention of returning it. Oblige means make(someone) legally or morally bound to do something. Here the person who wants the dress has no money hence we can say that the one with the money will lend it to the one without the money. Hence option 2.

17.Fill in the blanks with suitable options:

From what we have observed for many years Ronak has been performing bad in studies but his mother is still _____

  1. persisting
  2. optimistic
  3. hoping
  4. opposite

Ans: 2

Persisting means continuing to exist. Optimistic means hopeful and confident. The choice is between Optimistic and Hoping. We choose Optimistic because when we go for Hoping, we should mention hoping for what. Hence the option is b.

18.Fill in the blanks with suitable options:

Every weekend, we put the trash can ________________ for garbage collection.

  1. Up
  2. Into
  3. Out
  4. At

Ans: 3

Up means above. Into indicates a movement from an upper to a lower surface. Out means outside. At can be used to indicate time and place (at 5 pm or at the movies). The correct usage is put the can outside for collecting the garbage. Hence option is c.

19.Fill in the blanks with suitable options:

The mother said to her child, You must be back ___ four o'clock.

  1. To
  2. For
  3. By
  4. In

Ans: 3

We can say be back at 4 o'clock or by 4 o'clock which means within, before or around that time. Hence we go for Option is c.

20.They are social insects, living in communities, regulated by definite laws, each member of society bearing well-defined and separate part in the work of a colony.

  1. who are living in communities
  2. living among a community
  3. who lives with a community
  4. No improvement

Ans: 4

We cannot use the relative pronoun who for insects or animals. Hence, we eliminate option a and c. Living among communities is the wrong usage we generally say living in communities. Hence, we eliminate option b. Therefore, the answer is option is d.

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