Placements Prime

Become placement-ready and land your dream IT job
Faceprep’s Placements Prime focuses on equipping you with key skill sets that recruiters look for while hiring. The programme focuses on skilling you to truly wow recruiters rather than just crack recruitment rounds, thus enabling prime placement-readiness.

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Problem solving & language
Quantitative Aptitude, Logical Reasoning and Verbal Ability

Programming skills
C, OOPS using Java, Data Structures and Algorithms

Professional skills
Career-specific soft skills, GDs (linear & abstract), Interviews (HR, Technical, Stress & Panel), and Building an impressive Resume
2020 batch engineering pass-outs looking for placements
Basic understanding of Math, Reasoning & English
1 April 2019
6 months
10-12 hours/ week
Why join Placements Prime?
The way companies hire has gone through a transformation. What skills you have matters more than what’s on your resume or what your CGPA is. And more importantly, companies have begun going the National-Qualifier way to dip into the entire country’s talent pool. This means more competition and calls for you to rank amongst the nation’s best to get jobs in the top companies.
FACE, India’s largest skill development enterprise, has designed the most comprehensive placement-readiness course in the market. Through this course, you get to learn thought-provoking problem-solving and language skills, practice-led coding skills and key career skills. You are also provided with company-specific guidance for National Qualifier events as an add-on to boost your chances of landing a job. All of this in 6 months!
76% of candidates surveyed during the 2019 hiring season mentioned that the single biggest thing they could have done better to improve their placements was starting their preparation early.
Interactive & Gamified Learning
Placements Prime ensures a fun-filled learning experience through our AI-powered adaptive learning platform, which will take you through an interactive and engaging learning experience. You get a gamified experience as you garner points for answering questions.

Learn by ‘Doing’
We employ an innovative learning method where you learn concepts through solving problems first. This learning by ‘doing’ approach ensures that you are stimulated to truly develop problem-solving skill. This is topped off with practice and assessments to ensure maximum retention.
Dedicated Mentor Support
Our mentors will guide you throughout the programme. They will provide guidance, lend support, answer questions, support you before drive-days, and direct you to invaluable resources to help you transform your placement-readiness.

Know Your Competition
Our analytics engine measures your learning footprint throughout the programme, always keeping you abreast of your strong and weak areas topic-, sub-topic- and skill-wise. You are provided with detailed insights and adaptive learning paths to turn your weaknesses into strengths. Your performance is ranked against that of your peers across the country, keeping you challenged.
What You Will Learn in 6 Months
Stage 1
You are introduced to the course with orientation on what employers expect, what ideal preparation journey you must embark on along with key foundation skills.
Stage 2
Stage 2 lets you dive into mastering Programming skills. The cornerstone modules for IT recruiter MCQ and coding rounds are taught in great detail with practice on a real-time test-case based compiler. You also cover topics such as platform-understanding (Hacker Rank, Hacker Earth etc.), best practices and debugging.
Problem solving using C
OOPS using Java
Data Structures & Algorithms
Understanding coding platforms
Best coding practices

Stage 3
In stage 3, you master Problem solving and language skills. You learn and practice not just key topics and question-types that recruiters commonly test, but also short-cut techniques and test-taking strategies that will optimize your scores.
Speed Maths
Quantitative Aptitude
Logical Reasoning
Verbal Ability
Shortcut techniques
Test-taking strategies

Stage 4
During the final stage, you are provided with the finishing school training required to ace GDs, interviews, and showcase an impressive resume and personality. In short, this stage primes you to wow recruiters post the online tests.
Group Discussions
Personal Interviews
Impression Management
Understanding a recruiter's mindset

Our programme takes you to prime placement-readiness form by the time the hiring season begins. We top it off and help you stick the landing with our free all-access passes to ace company-specific tests. Here are the all-access passes from faceprep’s rich course bouquet made available to you as free add-ons.
Live marathon sessions*
Live webinar-based marathon sessions with expert mentoring by top placement trainers are organized.

GD/ PI whitepapers
Stand your best chance to crack company-specific GDs and PIs through white papers prepared by industry experts.

Mock tests
Gain access to 50 mock tests based on patterns of top recruiters such as TCS, Infosys, Wipro, Cognizant, IBM, Capgemini etc.

*Only for National Qualifier Events
Enrol for Placements Prime
Programme runs between April 1, 2019 to October 1, 2019

₹ 25,000
To be paid when enrolling for the Programme

Placement Prime Batches
1 April 2019 – 1 October 2019
Programme begins on 1 April 2019
The Placements Prime programme is perfect for you if

You are an engineering student (Bachelor's/Master’s) expected to graduate in the year 2020
Eligibility Criteria
  • CGPA; Expertise in programming, communication or problem-solving skills
  • Strong interest in getting placed in top recruiters, Basic knowledge of math, reasoning and language, Strong commitment to daily schedule, Enthusiasm in learning and practicing
  • Frequently Asked Questions
    Placements Prime is designed for students who are targeting placements in IT service recruiters. You can apply for this if you’re a UG or a PG engineering student passing out in 2020.

    Your current CGPA or percentage (however low) does not matter as long as you become eligible for placements when the hiring season starts. Basic understanding of math, reasoning and language is good to have.

    You will require access to a desktop PC or laptop (Mac or Windows), a stable internet connection, and an up-to-date browser (preferably Google Chrome).
    It doesn’t matter which department you belong to. If you are in your pre-final year of UG or PG study, you are sufficiently eligible to enrol in this programme. The Programming skills section will be adapted to your learning needs, irrespective of whether you already have some or no expertise in programming syntaxes.
    You will receive a detailed schedule ahead of each stage in the programme. On an average, you will be required to dedicate 1 hour per day on weekdays and 2 to 3 hours per day over weekends and public holidays.
    You will be provided with free All-Access Prime Passes, which will provide you with guidance on three fronts.
    • Live webinar-based marathon sessions for National Qualifier events such as TCS Ninja, Wipro NLTH etc.
    • Access to GD-PI preparation whitepapers with focus on top recruiters and various types of GDs and PIs such as case & abstract GDs; stress, panel, group, technical and guesstimation interviews; as well as commonly asked GD topics and interview questions recruiter-wise.
    • A Jobs Board that will constantly keep you updated about upcoming recruitment updates, drive dates and hackathons.