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Rupa Reddy


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Anybody got letter of intent of wipro who has cleared hr round yesterday at mallareddy-Hyd?

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aman garg 8 hours ago
I will join wipro just to remove fresher stain after that am gonna do freelancing

Guys please respond(2019 batch) TCS:You may have attended for TCS in these past three months. Please share your experiences about aptitude test and programming MCQs so that we can know how to prepare for this. And my doubt is TCS aptitude test is tough when it was counducted in our campus when we were in final year.But now I came to know that the questions pattern was changed and they are somewhat easier than before. So please share all your experiences. Thank you. Hope you will comment.

Sowmya Guptha 10 days ago
just prepare from r s agarwal text book

Did anybody get confirmation mail regarding Capgemini drive in Hyderabad on 11th?

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sivaramireddy vemannagari 1 month ago

Will there be any chance to attend wipro drive afterwards...I mean in Aug at Hyderabad?

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