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FACE - Trainer Recruitment Set-2(2018)

Faceprep ID : 1147451

guys if any one needs tcs study materials, drop ur mail id over here

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Velmurugan C 2 months ago
Please snd me TCS materials
system engineer trainee

very easy and they asked very basic questions.

Overall Experience Positive
Difficulty Level Medium
Selection Status Yes, and I accepted
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abhay prakash dubey 1 month ago
please send me tcs material also at abhayjack13@gmail.com

i have attended tcs interview at chennai sollinganallur branch. some people got offer who attended interview on the same day. but yet i havent receive any mail. what does it mean?

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Vignesh Haux 2 months ago
Hope for the best and wait yesterday I received

did you guys receive any rejection mail from tcs after the interview?

  1. A yes 36%
  2. B no 33%
  3. C no mail yet 31%
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janani.j 2 months ago
so we should wait for the results. right?

what is testcase?

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SriRam Prasad 3 months ago
It is just a sample input given to the code you wrote.

what will be the output of this code.. is there any error? #include int main() { int i, v=0,c=0,sum=0; char str[20]; scanf("%s", &str[i]); { while(str[i]='\0') { switch(str[i]) { case 'a': case 'e': case 'i': case 'o': case 'u': case 'A': case 'E': case 'I': case 'O': case 'U': case ' ': v=v++; default: c=c++; break; } sum= v+c; print("%d", sum); } }return 0; return 0; }

aman garg 3 months ago
What was your question
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